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Do not expose it to excessive heat or direct sunlight. Do not leave it in a place where foreign matter or mois- ture may affect the system. Do not place the computer on any surface which will block the vents.

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Do not turn off the power until you properly shut down all programs. Do not turn off any peripheral devices when the computer is Clevo M660SM665S PCMCIA. Do not disassemble the com- puter by yourself. Perform routine maintenance on your computer.

Power Hotkey Cable Connector 7. Touch Pad Cable Connector 8.

Keyboard Cable Connector 9. Speaker Cable Connector Inverter Cable Connector Debug Cable Connector Introduction 7 5 3 1. Fan Clevo M660SM665S PCMCIA Connector 3. LCD Cable Connector 4.


Optical Device Drive Connector 6. Bluetooth Cable Connector 7. Introduction Introduction 1 - 14 Disassembly Chapter 2: When it comes to reassembly, reverse the procedures unless otherwise indicated. We suggest you completely review any procedure before you take the computer apart. To make the Clevo M660SM665S PCMCIA process easier each section may have a box in the page margin. Information contained under the figure will give a synopsis of the sequence of procedures involved in the disassembly procedure. The parts listed will be for the disassembly procedure listed ONLY, and not any previous disassembly step s required. Refer to the part list for the previous disassembly procedure.

The amount of screws you should be left with will be listed here also. An example of these types of boxes are shown in the sidebar. All disassembly procedures assume that the system is turned OFF, and disconnected from any power supply the battery is removed too. Maintenance Tools The following tools are recommended when working on the notebook PC: When replacing the connection, make sure the connector is oriented in the same way. The pin1 side is usually not indicated. Pressure sockets for multi-wire connectors To release this connector type, grasp it at its head and gently rock it from side to Clevo M660SM665S PCMCIA as you pull it out.

Do not pull on the wires themselves. When replacing the connection, do Clevo M660SM665S PCMCIA try to force it. The socket only fits one way. Pressure sockets for ribbon connectors To release these connectors, use a small pair of needle-nose pliers to gently lift the connector away from its socket.

Board-to-board or multi-pin sockets To separate the boards, gently rock them from side to side as you Clevo M660SM665S PCMCIA them apart. If the connection is very tight, use a small flat-head screwdriver - use just enough force to start. Disassembly Maintenance Precautions The following precautions are a reminder. Power Safety Warning Before you undertake any upgrade procedures, make sure that you have turned off the power, and disconnected all peripherals and cables including telephone lines. Cleaning Do not apply cleaner directly to the computer, use a soft clean cloth. Do not use volatile petroleum distillates or abrasive cleaners on any part of the computer.

Overview 2 - 3 2. If the computer falls, the case and other components could be damaged.

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Download Driver. Model:MS/MS Driver Type: ALL OTHERS, PCMCIA and cardreader driver for Windows XP.USA · ASIA · EUROPE. Please choose the driver -- VGA, Audio, CD_ROM, PCMCIA, MPEG, Others, Optional, ALL. *Note: These drivers or Manuals are customized for CLEVO's. Clevo M660SM665S PCMCIA


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