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Type new BIOS as "" stored on the floppy In case you blow it, there is a copy of on the disk as well but it is a good idea to back up your original BIOS as this is a good way to make sure the programme is talking Asus P5A the BIOS correctly.

Allow enough time for the BIOS image to load onto the chip before you shutdown and restart. WAIT till it confirms the flash was successful.


Ali Aladdin 5 is AcerLabs's fifth generation chipset. It simplifies system architecture by utilizing two BGA chips for a class Asus P5A, and also improves system efficiency by highly integration of system functionalities.


Asus P5A This parallelism improves system performance a step further. The AGP 1. There are deep read-buffer and write-buffer designed for an efficient use of memory bandwidth. Other features are summarized below: Host bus at MHz, But strangely it was the slowest in Quake II, clearly slower than the all other competitors. Asus reacted quickly: Thanks to those optimizations Asus has the crown not only among slot 1 boards but now also offers one of the very best socket 7 Asus P5A.

Unlike the other ALi chipset motherboards the Asus model is suited very well for overclocking: Except the standard bus speeds of up to MHz the board is capable of running at, or MHz as well. Also 95 MHz bus speed is supported for the K The MHz setting provoked some hang ups, but all other settings seem to work properly. This is becoming more and more important since overclocking the system bus by more than only some per cent may also require higher voltages. Here you Asus P5A the chance for to do it.

The missing option of the Aladdin Asus P5A chipset to run the memory asynchronously forbids to recommend this board for Asus P5A. For all others the P5A can be considered as the most flexible motherboard regarding CPUs and overclocking.

It's fast, suited for overclocking, it has 5 PCI slots, supports all voltages Asus P5A runs absolutely stable. And for all of you who don't want to lose an ISA slot for your soundcard, this board is also available with integrated ESS soundchip.


This micro Asus P5A board seems to be designed for cheap game and multimedia computers. The DIMM sockets are of excellent quality here, the swivels really help to lock the memory into the socket. By the way, the jumper setting descriptions on the board are 'not entirely accurate', so they should be reviewed. Since there is no BIOS update available on the Chaintech website so far July 12 I didn't get the chance to see if newer versions would recognize the 0.


This early revision lead Asus P5A complete hang ups if the sound system was recognized by Windows 95 and you wouldn't have installed the drivers instantly. All other memories dropped off at this clock speed.

Index of /PDF/computer/Asus/P5A/

Asus P5A suppose the price for this little board will be quite interesting; if you take this into account the final board can be carefully recommended except for the new MII CPU so far; I hope that performance will also be better with the final version. The little Chaintech AT motherboard comes with only 3 PCI slots; and only one of them can be used for a full size expansion card.

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Of course you may use the asynchronous memory mode instead. Write back Asus P5A supposed to be faster, but I couldn't measure hardly a difference.

USB/MIR adapter for Asus P5A-B

There was one difference: All games based on DirectX showed quite a corrupted picture. I could get rid of this by switching back to write through mode, which also has the benefit that the cacheable area covers MB instead of only 64 MB with write back mode. But there is still one Asus P5A I don't understand:P5A.

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