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I encountered several crashes when running the benchmarks Asus K7V I can only recommend that the owners of this board set the memory settings to the slowest values if stability is in any way important to them.

I personally could not live with the unreliability of this Epox board, since I prefer to write my reviews only once. As if this wasn't bad enough news, the Asus K7V is also a pretty bad performer.

Motherboard Comparison Epox EP-7KXA vs. Asus K7V -

Luckily there is a way around it. Let me first explain what the problem is though. Asus K7V includes graphics cards, chipsets, network cards, sound cards, For this purpose each of those devices has got two bit long numbers that identify it.


The first number symbolizes the vendor. Intel has e. The second number symbolizes the device.

ASUS K7V-RM, Slot A, AMD (K7V/RM/500/SWA) Motherboard

While devices like graphics cards or network cards represent only one device, chipsets can represent a few at the same time, simply due to their complex integration. A modern chipset usually consists of two chips, Asus K7V known as north and south bridge and traditionally connected to each other via the PCI bus. Those two chips include several devices though. If Asus K7V are running Windows9x or Windows you can have a look in the system manager and you will find a whole lot of system devices, which are represented by the chipset and all other chips found on the motherboard.


This Asus K7V contains tons of excellent tweaking software and is second to none in the world. You better know what you are doing with it though, because there's nothing easier than causing a system crash with this lovely software. Clicking the 'Devices' submenu of the 'Edit'-menu on a normal KXsystem gives you the following list: Those numbers might Asus K7V look very helpful, but you can certainly spot all the devices that start with the '', which represents VIA. Here is what it looks like in Windows There is a 3rd fan connector up near the battery, but it's too far away from the front housing in most ATX cases.

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Setup and Bootup: The Asus K7V installed easily, but due to it's large size, it took 8 screws to fasten it down. The system we tested the K7V in was as follows: This particular implementation of Award's Asus K7V seemed to lack a few small settings, like the numlock key status. Most testing was done with the front side bus frequency set at MHz, which was very stable. I left the core voltage to the CPU at the processor default.

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Boot times were quick, averaging about 42 seconds from a cold start quick-boot enabled, and no Windows start sound. Bus Overclocking: The main thing I was interested in was how stable the system was when overclocked. Athlon systems do not overclock very much on the front side bus due to their double-data rate EV6 bus architecture. Typically, the maximum bus speed is between MHz Asus K7V MHz. The system was completely stable when set at and MHz. It would have been nice if Asus had given us 1MHz increments on the front side bus settings, so we could squeeze the last bit of speed out of the CPU. Testing under 3D Mark went as expected. I left the demo running in a loop for hours, and it did not hang, glitch or drop to the Windows desk top.

Stability was excellent. The system ran Unreal Tournament like a champ.

Asus K7V K7V BIOS Fix COM2 problem under Windows 98SE. Add AGP mode control item. Add PC and PC showing message. Change DRAM frequency.

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