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Houston County, by the way, is named in honor of Sam Houston, who was born in Virginia in but who grew up in Tennessee — a fact that probably accounts for his subsequent greatness. Over the course of a remarkable career, Houston served as governor of Tennessee, as commander of the army that defeated the Mexican general Santa Anna after the Alamo, as the first Buffalo DH-MONEU2V only president of the Republic of Texas, as a U.

The favorite bones of dogs are the long bones of the arms Buffalo DH-MONEU2V legs — the humerus, radius, and ulna from the arm, and the femur, tibia, and fibula from the leg — because the ends of these bones contain lots of bone marrow, which canines consider a delicacy. When dogs have found a body, they tend to pull off and scatter the bones, and they invariably chew off the ends of the long bones, turning up their noses at the Buffalo DH-MONEU2V shafts, which contain much less marrow. Skulls tend to pose a problem for most dogs.

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Assistant District Attorney Cook asked if he could send the skull to me in hopes I might be able to tell whether it could belong to a sixteen-year-old girl from a neighboring county who had been missing since the previous November. The girl, a pretty honor student who kept up her grades while holding down a part-time job as a waitress at a steakhouse, had vanished after dropping her boyfriend at his house. The next day, her locked car was found in a church parking lot just two blocks from Buffalo DH-MONEU2V home.


At that point, I figured there was a pretty good chance I could tell, just by looking at the skull, whether it was likely to be hers. In addition to including most Asians, the Mongoloid group includes Native Americans, who are descended from Asians who crossed the Bering Strait many thousands of years ago and migrated down through North America and South America. One hallmark of Mongoloid skulls is their wide, flat cheekbones; another is the distinctive shape of the central teeth, or incisors: I asked the prosecutor whether any of the incisors were still attached to the skull. Cook arranged for Mike Dover, the chief helicopter pilot for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, to fly the skull to me that same afternoon.

We hung up the phone around 1 P. Dover handed me the skull and I cradled the top of the cranial vault in my hands. Buffalo DH-MONEU2V zygomatic arches, or cheekbones, had been bitten away, making it difficult to tell if this person had the wide, flat cheekbones typical of Asian people.

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Still, I could tell a couple of important things from the vault: Nothing, in other words, excluded the possibility that this was a sixteen-year-old Asian-American. He also brought news that had been radioed to him while he was in flight. Down an old logging road near the trailer where the skull-toting dog lived, a team of searchers had found more bones and some clothing. Could I fly back to Houston County with Dover, the authorities wanted to know, and help identify the additional skeletal material? I agreed, and offered to bring Steve with me. I was wearing a suit — hardly the best clothes for crawling around in the woods at night — but Dr. Bob Lash, the Knox County medical examiner whose morgue was located Buffalo DH-MONEU2V the hospital basementoffered to loan me a jumpsuit, and within a few more minutes we were airborne.


By the time the helicopter reached Houston County, darkness was falling. In the twilight, from a couple thousand feet above the wooded hills, Dover was having difficulty pinpointing the search area and, more to the point, his landing zone. He got on the radio and made a request, and a few moments later the dusk was pierced by the blue strobes of half a dozen police vehicles, arrayed around a small clearing. I immediately zeroed in on the incisors. Of the four upper incisors — the two central incisors and the Buffalo DH-MONEU2V lateral ones flanking them — two were broken off at the roots and missing Buffalo DH-MONEU2V crowns. Two, however — the right lateral incisor and the left central incisor — gave me the information I needed: The odds that this was Kathy Nishiyama had just skyrocketed.


The clothing found scattered in the woods consisted of a pair of bloodstained blue jeans, which had been torn or cut; a purple sweater; a white coat; and a pair of blue and white tennis shoes. The additional skeletal material was two fragments of the right temporal bone, from just above the ear; the mid shaft of the left fibula, or shinbone; and the crown of a tooth — an upper left central incisor, whose curving posterior cross section resembled that of a shovel…and whose broken base fit perfectly with the corresponding root that remained embedded in the jawbone. But the area over which the bones and clothing had been scattered was so large that a detailed search would Buffalo DH-MONEU2V nearly impossible in the dark.

The D.

It took only a moment to make the comparison. Of the thirteen teeth in the upper jaw, ten Buffalo DH-MONEU2V fillings, and one had three fillings. Buffalo DH-MONEU2V addition, one of the left molars had been pulled before death, long enough ago that the root socket had already begun to fill with bone.

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Cavity for cavity, filling for filling, the teeth from the skull matched the dental record. Within an hour after I had stepped out of the THP helicopter, and while we were still at the death scene, we had a positive identification of previously unidentified skeletal remains:Use the links on Buffalo DH-MONEU2V page to download the latest version of BUFFALO DH-MONE/U2V drivers.

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