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During subjective viewing, we were happy to see almost no crosstalk present. If we ramped up the 3D depth settings to exaggerate the 3D effect, it became visible, but this is to be expected.

Samsung PS51D550 Plasma 3D TV Review

Our only real criticisms of the PS51D operating in 3D mode were the darkening of the picture, and the rougher gradation with a higher amount of dither noise in the picture when compared to Samsung PN59D550C1F Plasma TV. Although things are much improved on the first generation 3D Plasmas, the fact still remains that 2D images have the edge for overall quality, and ultimately, looks.

Vertical detail fared a little Samsung PN59D550C1F Plasma TV. When we output the same test chart in Progressive mode pit was more Samsung PN59D550C1F Plasma TV, but still below our expectations. This will be of consequence to owners of standard-def games consoles such as the Nintendo Wii or anything from the previous generation. Interestingly, the D plasma had no trouble at all locking onto the PAL film cadence, which is something that higher-end Samsung HDTVs have been tripped up by lately.

Its handling of diagonal interpolation — in other words, concealing jaggedness in interlaced standard-def images — was also good, meaning that jagged lines on diagonal edges the markings on a football pitch, for example will be kept to a minimum. Although some edges in the image still appeared sharp, fine details were being smudged out, and the overall clarity of the picture was reduced. Fortunately, the bug has been solved with the latest firmware update. With Samsung PN59D550C1F Plasma TV 51D as we reviewed it, there is no unwanted noise reduction, allowing all of the clarity, texture and detail from high Samsung PN59D550C1F Plasma TV film scans to come through on the Samsung PS51D Greyscale tracking and colour reproduction were both of a high standard, presenting films without too much in the way of unwanted tints.


Unlike older Samsung Plasmas, 50hz material was also trouble-free. A fully white screen will appear dimmer than on an LCD display. Supposedly, this is to decrease load on the power supply.

How to Repair a plasma TV with a blinking LED light issue « TVs & Projectors :: WonderHowTo

The effects of it are not really visible with most content, but adverts for example with fully white screens will sometimes reveal some brightness fluctuation. The last plasma-specific thing to note is image retention.

After watching a 4: Culture Samsung plasma, LED TVs priced, shipping Samsung has officially announced pricing and availability on its television lineup, many of which are shipping now. We can speculate, however, as to how some of the un-reviewed models, further detailed below, Samsung PN59D550C1F Plasma TV with the ones we did review.

We reviewed the UND series and expect it to perform similarly or somewhat better than the UND, and we expect both to have similar uniformity problems. We reviewed the UND series and expect it to perform similarly or somewhat better any of the other LED series mentioned below, although the spec sheet of the UND and UND are close enough that Samsung PN59D550C1F Plasma TV expect the difference between them and the UND to be minimal. We expect both to perform better than any of the other series, although we can't say how much better. All of the series detailed today are available between now and the end of April, although we do expect the company to announce more TVs later in the year. Below we gather all of the estimated selling prices and availability info we were given about Samsung's plasma and LED-based LCD TVs series, along with top-level features differences.

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