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The following illustrations correspond to the Windows version of the Control Panel. How does the Control Panel work? The Phase Control Panel and the routing signal flow within the card is AudioSystem PHASE88 easy to understand.

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You still want to know what it is all about? Very well: Analog Inputs Please don't be surprised if you can't select this tab in the Control Panel—it's correct that the tab is present, but grayed out and disabled. The explanation is simple no, you have not forgotten to install the driver, don't worry! In the rack version, the software input sensitivity controls for the analog inputs have been replaced by hardware controls on the rack module. This—as mentioned previously—not only has ergonomic, but also technical advantages, as the sensitivity can AudioSystem PHASE88 be controlled before the converter modules to optimize the signal-tonoise ratio.

An additional software solution would still be easy to realize, but there wouldn't be any point in it. The PHASE 88 control panel includes an internal bit digital mixer, which you can use or bypass if you don't require it. The Digital Mixer page of the Control Panel The Digital Mixer mixes all signals played back by the drivers and it also combines the signals pending at the physical inputs.

As described in several places above, in this case the software that you use controls the volume and panorama settings. In practice it goes directly from the software to the AudioSystem PHASE88. This is a very important point, AudioSystem PHASE88 the card can be clocked by an external signal External, e. You can choose from all commonly used sampler rates from 8 to 96 kHz—the actual bit rate is not important at this point. In the case of external synchronization i.

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The audio controller of the PCI card does not feature a sample rate converter. When using the WDM or CoreAudio drivers you can also play back audio from multiple programs AudioSystem PHASE88.


The software-based interpolation through the operating system involves an audible loss of quality. For professionally oriented recording and playback of audio material make sure that the sampling rate of the card is matched to the desired AudioSystem PHASE88 and playback sampling rate.

Otherwise you can also use the ASIO driver—in this case AudioSystem PHASE88 sampling rate is fixed in the application used. If playback or recording is started with a different sampling rate, the Windows or MAC OSX AudioSystem PHASE88 system runs a software-based sample rate conversion to the hardware frequency. Applications with ASIO support are an exception: If the Rack module is disconnected from the PCI card how can this occur if it is screwed in place?

This procedure won't take long and doesn't hurt a bit. However, AudioSystem PHASE88 make sure that the module is not removed or docked during the operation.

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This could damage AudioSystem PHASE88. The input channels 7 and 8 are suitable for both line and microphone signals. I wil keep coming back for sure.

Finally my PC got up to speed! Analogue inputs: Analogue outputs: A-D converters: Input SNR: D-A converters: Output SNR: We would nevertheless like to ask you to leave the upgrade to an expert, as opening the housing will AudioSystem PHASE88 void your warranty.

And by the way—the digital connections will be AudioSystem PHASE88 from the rack unit to the PCI card. One additional note:VIA AudioSystem PHASE Driver type: Sound, video and game controllers; Vendor: TerraTec. Version: (31 Aug ); *.inf file: How to download and install TerraTec AudioSystem PHASE88 driver (driver id ).


Download and update to version now and.

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