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Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio phm khuyn mi: R, R Q, Q RV, RV Phm vi khuyn mi: Trong thi gian chng trnh, cc khch hng tiu dng cui khi mua sn phm my tnh xch tay Samsung vi cc model trong M tng l mt in thoi Samsung Monte Slider E s lng qu tng c hn 5. H Ni Hng Nhung bit thm chi tit vui lng tham kho ti a ch website: Hng ha, dch v c khuyn mi: Also, I like the design very much.


I don't want to buy Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio series notebook because it will only make my Dell Studio seems too outdated or useless. You see my dilemma here. Reply 6: Warrior with high settings but bilinear on the antiscoptic, COD4 modern warfare also with a very satisfy performance, dragon age origins with medium settings smooth, NBA2k10 with medium high settings also quite smooth.


It have satisfying performance. I got the same temperature range when playing game.

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About the bottom of the LCD screen panel, I didn't found any loosen plastic there. It bend just a little bit if you push with force but no biggy. Reply 7: Originally Posted by wynand32 I'd love to hear if any of you owners of this machine have done better battery tests. It only have 6 cells battery. However, when I bought this notebook, I was thought this notebook Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio last 4 hours at least. A fuel gauge that indicates state-of-charge is part of this effort.

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On a partially discharged battery, half the lights illuminate, and on an empty battery all lights remain dark or a red light appears. Figure Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio shows a fuel gauge of a battery that is 75 percent charged, with three lights glowing. While the SoC information displayed on a battery or computer screen is helpful to the user, it does not assure sufficient runtime, because the fuel gauge resets to percent on a full recharge regardless of how much capacity the battery can store. The user should know that the fuel gauge only shows SoC and capacity is missing.

Asus n82e Battery Other than using coulomb counting and measuring internal resistance, there is no reliable method to calculate the state-of-health SoH of a Asus n82j Battery ; current technologies provide only rough estimations.

- laptop battery and charger

However, there is a way to display the capacity of a smart battery digitally. At time of manufacture, the SMBus battery is programmed with a specified capacity, which is percent by default, and the battery keeps this information as permanent data. With each full charge, the Asus n82jq-x1 Battery resets to the charge flag; and during discharge the coulomb counter measures the consumed energy. A perfect battery would deliver percent on a calibrated Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio gauge.

As the battery ages and the capacity drops, the delivered energy between charges decreases. The discrepancy between the factory-set percent and the delivered coulombs after a full charge can thus determine the Asus n82jv Battery capacity.

The green lights indicate the usable capacity; the empty part of the battery is marked with dark LEDs; and the unusable part is shown with red LEDs. Figure 2 illustrates a tri-state fuel gauge.

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Alternatively, the results can be a shown on a digital display. Asus n82jq-b1 Battery Installed in an SMBus charger, the tri-state fuel gauge indicates the usable capacity of SMBus compatible Asus AK52 batteries and gives the user a clear indication of when to retire a pack.

A failed battery prompts the user to first calibrate the battery. Cadex offered such a charger but the buyers did not appreciate the benefit. Cars with electric propulsion systems use similar fuel-gauge technologies to determine Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio state-of-charge and state-of-function of the battery. The challenge is in knowing how far a vehicle can travel with a fully charged battery in various ambient conditions. Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio Driver last update: January 18, ; manufacturer: REALTEK; platform: Windows XP • Windows Vista.

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