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Your ISP or network administrator provides you with this information.

Type the network subnet mask for your network. If you do not type a value here, the network mask defaults to Click the radio buttons to enable or disable NAT. The routing table is a database created by the router that displays the network interconnection topology. Displays the network IP address of the connected node. Displays the network subnet mask of Micronet SP916GL connected node. Page 30 MAC Filters: Click the radio button next to Disabled to disable the MAC filter.

MicroNet SP916GL User Manual

Page 31 URL Blocking: Add those specified URL in the text box. This screen enables you to Micronet SP916GL a minimum and maximum IP address range filter; Micronet SP916GL IP addresses falling in the range are not allowed Internet access.

Click to enable or disable the IP address filter. Type the minimum address for the IP range. IP addresses falling between this Micronet SP916GL and the Range End are not allowed to access the Internet. IP addresses falling between this value and the Range Start are not Micronet SP916GL to access the Internet.

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Dell DELL Android Communications Port (COM11)

Page 33 Domain Blocking: You could specify the domains that allow users to access or deny by clicking one of the two items. Also, add the specified domains Micronet SP916GL the text box.

Micronet SP916GL V4

This screen enables you to allow and deny access based upon a communications protocol list you create. The router redirects the request via the protocol and port numbers to Micronet SP916GL correct LAN server.

Click Micronet SP916GL enable or disable the virtual server. Type a descriptive name for the virtual server.

Type the port number of the computer on the LAN that is being used to act as a virtual server. The special applications profiles are Micronet SP916GL in the table at the bottom of the page.

Micronet SPGL Default Router Login and Password

When selecting items in the table at the bottom, click anywhere in the item. Micronet SP916GL function will obtain an IP address from service provider automatically.

Your service provider gives a static IP address to access Internet services. You could set the MTU from to The default Micronet SP916GL Point-to-Point Tunnel Protocol is a connection method used for specific area. WI1 module: Z-Com XGG WI1 module IF: Mini PCI WI1 chip1: Atheros AR Micronet SP916GL dot11 protocols: bg. WI1 antenna connector: Manual for Micronet SPGL, made by Micronet Communication Inc.


(Micronet Communication Inc.).

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