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Well, it probably does; some PCs will try to go into Hibernate mode instead, I think.


Hibernate is like standby, only more likely to go wrong. A game of Tribes 2 in which you're just about to break a nil-all flag-capture deadlock in the last fifteen seconds of a two hour round does not count as "an application with unsaved data", in case you A4tech Optical Mouse 4D wondering.

Press power while playing a game and great will be your lamentation. Personally, I don't know what the heck a power button's doing on a keyboard. Yeah, I know Macs have them; Mac OS A4tech Optical Mouse 4D has the decency to give you a confirmation box when you press the darn thing. Windows won't do that, and there are various other, safer ways to access the shutdown procedure, anyway.


Or, of course, just a stab at the power button; ATX-compliant machines should interpret that as a shutdown command. All of these methods are less likely to spoil your computing mood, because you're less likely to do them by accident. Rant concludes. Thank you for your patience. The "IR" in its name indicates the communication method this keyboard uses; it's infra-red. That means it needs line of sight between the two transmitter LEDs under the dark plastic cover on the back of the keyboard and its receiver unit - but, like many remote controls, it's not very touchy about alignment of the two components, as long as they're not too far apart.

The IR's range is quoted somewhat optimistically as seven metres A4tech Optical Mouse 4D feetbut it'll certainly manage to work just fine across any normal room, as long as the receiver can see the transmitter.

As with various other "couch keyboards", this one includes a mouse function as well. TrackPoints have proportional response, so it's not like steering your mouse with a A4tech Optical Mouse 4D Boy D-pad, but you're still not going to be ruling any Quake 3 servers if you choose this thing as your control system.

For controlling business presentations or DVD player software, though, it's fine. The TrackPoint's on the right hand side of the keyboard, and it's easy to work it with your thumb.

N-100 -A4TECH V-Track Mini Optical Mouse – Grey

You can also see the right-hand set of eight little rubbery special function buttons; this lot are multimedia controls This side also has the two "mouse" buttons. If you want to use the top-line buttons, A4tech Optical Mouse 4D, you have to install the included Windows-only driver package, which also lets you redefine what the keys do. The Zippy's keyboard feels nicer than A4tech Optical Mouse 4D Ortek 'boards; there's more key travel, and the 'board itself has a slight horizontal convex curve that makes it a bit more comfortable to type on. Nothing's going to turn a keyboard sitting in your lap into an ergonomic tour de force, but this thing's not so bad.

Unless, of course, you need a numeric keypad. Once again, you've got to press the "Fn" button to swap A4tech Optical Mouse 4D function of a block of keys, if you want keypad functions. The IR runs from four included AA cells, which mount in this neat in-line bay, in between the keyboard's fixed rubber-based back feet. When it's sitting there doing nothing, the Zippy 'board draws about one milliamp mA from its batteries.

Type frantically and it draws about 26mA; use the TrackPoint and it draws about 38mA. Right after doing something, it draws 4mA, but after less than a A4tech Optical Mouse 4D of inactivity it drops back to its 1mA snooze mode.


So if you put batteries in this keyboard and never actually use it, it'll probably take about a hundred days to flatten a set of fresh A4tech Optical Mouse 4D. How long the batteries will last with the keyboard in actual use is hard to say, because it depends on how much you do with it. Flat minimum is less than three days, but that assumes you're sitting there with your thumb on the TrackPoint scooting the cursor mindlessly around the screen non-stop. Not many people can spend that long in their easy chair.

V-Track Gaming Mouse(F4)

Realistically, if you're using this thing to control your show-off living room DVD and MP3 box, I wouldn't be surprised if a set of AAs lasted for two months. Maybe one month, for more serious use.


But if you're A4tech Optical Mouse 4D away at your keyboard all day, you'll probably prefer something a bit more solid. It's got interesting curvy Star Trekky styling, but it's not an unusable design exercise that no human can operate. Its range is decent, it feels not too bad to type on, and if you don't care about the little rubber buttons along the top, you can just ignore them. Home ProductsMouse ProOscar LaserOscar Laser Gaming Mouse 4D Wheel or download your favorite macro commands via X7 website All · Oscar 5-Mode · Oscar Laser · Home ProductsMouse ProOscar 5-ModeV-Track Gaming Mouse (F4). V-Track Gaming Mouse 4D Wheel. 5 Modes Selection.

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