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QNAP TS Pro+ Turbo NAS First Looks - Review - PCMag UK

The front has four hot-swappable hard drives bays, all keyed to prevent unauthorized access, two function keys, as well as a multifunction display. From the front, users can quickly copy files to the internal drives at the touch of a button or quickly get important information like the IP address off the display. It also has a small fan for the main circuit board and a large fan for the four hard drive bays. All of the buttons engage smoothly, and look as if they are integrated into the design and not just added on at the last moment. Another nice touch to the internal design is the individually locking hot-swap hard drive caddies.

The mounts are sturdy stamped metal, with a quick release bar on the front to firmly hold the tray in position. It was also nice to see each tray labeled with a reference sticker QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS the top of the NAS so you always know where you stick the tray back after you are doing adding or swapping drives. Compared to the Synology units we have reviewed, the part that really impressed me was the integrated power supply. This means less bulk to carry around if you transport the server frequently.

It also makes mounting it easier, not having to figure out where to allocate space for a large power brick. Disassembly There was very little disassembly required with the QNAP in either the initial setup or normal operation. Unlike the Synology units which require the entire back to be unscrewed to access the drive QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS, QNAP mounts them front and center.

QNAP TS-459 Pro+ Turbo NAS

QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS The QNAP features four locking hot-swap bays which require no tools to remove. Each tray is compatible with both 3. It might not be a problem for everyone, but it is something that makes the process QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS smoother for beginners. It took probably three or four minutes total to slide out the trays and install the test drives in the NAS. Switching to non-4K hard drive model fixed the problem. Synology uses a similar approach with loading on software during setup, although they require the use of their Synology Assistant installed on a networked-computer to handle the data transfer.

Besides file sharing and backup, it can double as a multimedia server that's compatible with iTunes and UPnP.

QNAP TS Pro+ Turbo NAS Hard Drive Enclosure TSPRO+-US

There are some differences with the TS, however. The hardware is quite impressive. Considering the flexible, high-level storage that this NAS drive delivers, a business would usually expect to pay more, and require more components QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS an infrastructure. Problems occurred when upgrading the firmware and performing other administrative chores.

Also, the hot-swappable drive feature isn't as easy a process as the documentation would lead you to believe. QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS applaud the fact that as soon as I logged into the administration QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS, the QNAP notified me that a newer firmware version is available 3. Many networking devices, including NASes require you to go to the vendor's site, download the firmware, and then return to the device's console to upload the firmware.


After I clicked OK to download the software, I received a status that the firmware was downloading. However, nearly an hour after initiating the download, the status hadn't changed from "0 percent". This is a critical problem, because interrupting an incomplete firmware upgrade can corrupt the software on the device. QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS

I waited a few minutes, refreshed the page, but the download was still in limbo. So I ended up upgrading the firmware the "old-fashioned" way, manually.

I downloaded the file from QNAPs website, went back into the interface, pointing to the file. The firmware upgrade process was fine when performed QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS this manner. The LCD is a convenient way to view the QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS of the device, especially at initial power-on. As it booted up the device, status updates flashed on screen. Once the TS finished booting, it displayed the IP address. The Main Menu lets you view IP information, configure network settings, and obtain other information such as disk capacity, system temperature, RAID and more.


The problem with using the LCD panel for basic configuration is that it is too easy to accidently shutdown or reboot the server. I was scrolling through the menu to see if the display would indicate if the firmware update I performed took place. QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS

After accidentally pushing the QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS menu option, the NAS rebooted, which was frustrating as it takes quite a few minutes for the reboot process to occur as volumes get dismounted and re-mounted and software and services get reloaded. Under the hood is QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS same Intel Atom Dual Core 1.


Like the TS, the is also quite speedy. QNAP 4 Bay NAS, QNAP TS Pro II+, QNAP TS, QNAP TS Model Name, TS Pro QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS, TS Pro+, TS Pro II+, TSP II, TSP+, TS QNAP TS Pro+ Turbo NAS - NAS server - 0 GB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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