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Ina break in a dam at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston power plant sent over a billion gallons of coal ash cascading into the Clinch River. The black sludge blanketed over acres, inundating the Mercury KOB N5800 around Kingston.

The spill destroyed three homes and damaged a dozen others. Scientists found fish contaminated with high levels of arsenic and selenium months after the spill. State Mercury KOB N5800 residents near coal ash spill to avoid fish, contact with river water Ina corroded pipe at Duke Energy's Dan River steam station in North Carolina sent up to 39, tons of coal ash flooding into nearby waters.

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The black sludge made its way 70 miles downstream. Today, the Mercury KOB N5800 still warns against eating some fish from the river because of high mercury levels. A year after the Dan River spill, the EPA enacted the first set of comprehensive regulations overseeing coal ash. Coal ash sites were to be monitored for structural integrity, coal-burning utilities had to conduct and publish groundwater monitoring results for the first time, and ponds that were found to be contaminating groundwater in excess of a allowable limits, or that were structurally faulty, were to be closed following specific guidelines.

Closing a coal ash pond can involve one of two methods approved by the EPA. The water can be drained out of the pond and a liner put over the top, which is known as "cap in place. Environmentalists prefer the latter method of excavation, saying that it ensures that there is a barrier to protect groundwater, but power companies say that this is a much more costly method involving transport Mercury KOB N5800 the ash Mercury KOB N5800 additional labor, among other expenses. And those expenses, they say, would be passed on ultimately to customers. Industry argues that if the ponds aren't showing to be leaking, there should be no need to move them.

The findings were striking, showing contamination at coal ash sites across the country. In North Carolina, levels of radium were found anywhere from 2.

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In both of these situations, the wells tested are directly at the coal ash sites. Environmentalists worry that these contaminants could eventually Mercury KOB N5800 into nearby groundwater sources. These initial data now must be analyzed and assessed further. Mercury KOB N5800 said that's not a reassurance. Living amid coal ash The threat of a potential contaminant lingers in many communities neighboring coal ash sites, despite reassurances that industry testing shows that water sources are safe at the moment.

For many people in these communities, coal Mercury KOB N5800 is a bogeyman. Public health experts say that the elements found in coal ash -- heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury -- can pose serious health risks. According to the EPA, exposure to coal ash waste "can cause severe health and environmental problems in the form of cancer and non-cancer risks in humans, lowered IQ among children, and deformities and reproductive harm in fish and wildlife. Many of these pollutants, once in the environment, remain there for years. To complicate it further, the coal ash itself can have different levels of element concentrations depending on where the coal was sourced.

The plant's coal ash pond sat next to Belews Lake, a recreational lake used for fishing and swimming north of Winston-Salem.


Edwards describes an idyllic childhood in the town of about 1, people, a place where kids played outside all day and picked fruit off trees when they were hungry. Growing up, they didn't think much about the plant, but she remembers how soot from the power station was always around: Edwards, 44, has had three strokes and a heart attack, which left her temporarily paralyzed on her right side. She can't help but wonder whether Duke Energy had something to do with her Mercury KOB N5800 and that of her neighbors. KOB NXT NEW! Mercury NVIDIA GeForce FXXT AGP 8X Graphic Card.

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KOB N NEW! Mercury NVIDIA KOB N Mercury NVIDIA GeForce.

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