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The new camera joins the current PowerShot G2, offering photographers a wider selection of products with multiple features providing greater creative latitude. Improvements in the new camera begin with its exterior. Canon has strategically re-engineered the PowerShot G3's control layout for easier access to key functions, and the enlarged handgrip provides more comfort and secure handling. Several new and improved features and functions have been added to the PowerShot G3 making it one of the most versatile compact digital cameras available.

Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Twain

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For example, a new proprietary dedicated signal processor called DIGIC provides better image quality, increased processing speed and Movie clips up to 3-minutes at x resolution. A new Intelligent Orientation Sensor automatically rotates images for proper viewing during playback. And like other PowerShot-series cameras, the PowerShot G3 has a Direct Print function that is compatible with Canon's CP and CP dye-sublimation printers as well as Bubble Jet Direct photo printers for fast, high-quality photos from wallet size up to letter size 8. The G3 truly represents the point where high-end, professional-quality features and functions meets point-and-shoot simplicity," Mr. Exterior Improvements Those familiar with the PowerShot G2 can immediately notice many of the improvements and refinements of the camera's exterior.

In fact, positioning of the camera's Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Twain buttons on the G3 are similar to those found on Canon's EOS System cameras. The Command Dial, for example, is positioned precisely where the user's thumb would comfortably rest, making it fast and simple to change from one shooting mode to another.

Download Canon PowerShot G3 Camera WIA Driver for Windows XP

The new Main Dial, seen for the first time on a PowerShot camera, allows users to control the aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, and is conveniently located just in front of the shutter button. All of the camera's primary functions have been repositioned to allow users to change camera settings quickly and easily, especially when in the manual mode. Beyond higher picture quality, the new Image Processor also accounts for faster autofocus performance, improved overall processing speed and the ability of the camera to record movie clips with sound up to 3 minutes apiece at a resolution of x pixels and a framing rate of 15 fps. Focusing of the lens is achieved with a rear-focusing method that moves only one lens element, minimizing the weight of the focusing component for greater focusing speed while reducing strain on the battery.

The added zoom range now allows users to quickly capture everything from close-up subjects to landscapes. Beyond the camera's built-in zoom capabilities, users can attach the new 24mm wide- angle or mm supplementary telephoto Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Twain to the PowerShot G3 with an optional bayonet-mount adapter.


With the new wide and tele conversion lenses, users now have an effective range of 24mm to mm, one of the longest optical focal length ranges of any point-and-shoot digital camera in the industry. The new FlexiZone system covers a much larger percentage of the picture area Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Twain greatly improves the G3's ability to find and autofocus off-center subjects quickly. Eight other white balance settings are available, including a custom white balance function that allows users to simply point the camera at a neutral object, such as a white piece of paper, to obtain proper white balance and store it in the camera.

The custom white balance function stores data for up to two different shooting environments or lighting conditions.

Exclusive iSAPS Technology Over the past 60 years, Canon has accumulated a vast amount of photographic data and know-how and used it to create some of the most innovative camera products in the marketplace. Now, using that same data and know-how, Canon has developed a new Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Twain called iSAPS an acronym for Intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space that can "predict" certain camera settings such as focusing distance, exposure and optimum white balance based on zoom focal length, overall light level and tonal distribution data. Canon refers to this collective data as "Photographic Space. Enhanced Photo Effects In previous PowerShot cameras, Canon introduced the Photo Effects mode as a way for users to experiment with various forms of photographic expression, such as high saturation, low saturation, low sharpening, Black-and-White, or sepia toned images.

With the G3, these effects are now available in every shooting mode, including Manual and Movie mode, for greater flexibility.

When using the ND filter, for example, a wider aperture can be used in bright light conditions to blur a distracting background or simply create a properly exposed photograph when simple adjustments to aperture and shutter speeds aren't enough. Furthermore, flash photography becomes possible at macro distances, normally difficult due to overexposure.

When Spot metering is selected, the light metering point can be linked either to the AF Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Twain or fixed to the center of the photo frame. With the G3, an arbitrary subject in the photo frame can be focused without changing the framing of the shot, regardless of where the subject is located in the frame. Focus bracketing takes three consecutive shots, moving the focus position in front and behind the current position of the subject. The difference between each shot can be set to large, medium or small, allowing a "fine focus position" to be found which matches the photographer's intention even when precise focus positions are critical such as with macro photography.


Interval Shooting The PowerShot G3 is equipped with an Interval Shooting function that allows users to take a sequence of photographs over extended periods of time up to hours. The camera can take from 2 to frames at intervals up to 60 minutes apart.


This is Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Twain for nature photographers who want to study animal habitats for research, or for use as a security camera. The intervalometer function can be used with the built-in flash as well as with EX-series Speedlites. With First Curtain sync, the flash is emitted immediately after the shutter opens.

A high signal-to-noise ratio delivers minimal noise and distortion with breathtaking dynamic range, particularly notable in bright areas. Above-written figures are measured under Canon's standard conditions and may vary depending on the scene, subjects or camera settings. Total length of  Missing: Twain. If this happens, select [WIA-camera model] in the application program as the [PowerShot A TWAIN] on the drive on which you installed the software.

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