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Newsletter and magazine publishers will no doubt be happy and more advanced paragraph handling such as widow and orphan removal are planned. Page layout is greatly aided by the Paste- board Alps BTH DS3 which, unlike Bleed, is a non-printed area outside of the page onto which frames can be dragged.

This is espe- cially useful when Alps BTH DS3 complex page compositions with multiple images. Sticking with images, a great time-saver is the crop tool which basically resizes the graphics so that the area dragged out fills the frame. It would take more than Ihe length of the package's page User Guide to describe and praise all the little features. Absent without leave Although graphics can be rotated and skewed comprehensively, graphic han- dling has some way to go. True colour graphics are not actively dithered in lower colour screen modes and there is no facil- ity to alter the colour balance of graphics. It is questionable whether Artworks files will ever work perfectly in anything other than CC programs. They even cause prob- lems in Impression on occasion but as far as bitmap graphics go, highly effective image processing has already been written and should be fully implemented by the end of the year.

Another part of the package missing, but missing only to a minority of potential users are typesetting and professional out- putting facilities.

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Work with a leading Acorn repro house is already underway to fill this gap and satisfy the needs of the professional user. Outputting for the home Alps BTH DS3 is already good with extensive pam- phlet and gallery capability taking the pain out of one off and small run print jobs. In summary, Ovation Pro in its present state has a long way to go, not because of what it admits to lack, but by way of its huge potential. It already marks a turning point in Acorn DTP and with the reliabil- ity of Beebug to continue sunnort and The experienced Impression user Martin Hill is an experienced DTP user who uses Impression for anything from letters to page booklets When 1 first started playing with Ova- tion Pro, I thought it would be very difficult to write a review that did not compare it straight to Impression Publisher.

Given that Impression is about the best package ever to happen to Acorn since WordWise for the BBC Micro a classic in its timeOvation Pro was going to have to be something pretty special.

I will even admit that 1 almost did Alps BTH DS3 want Ovation Pro to supplant my warm, tender feelings towards Impression. How- ever, Ovation is sufficiently different to make such a point-by-point comparison unnecessary. This is not the place to list all of the good and bad points of the package, but here arc a few of the things that most stand Alps BTH DS3.

GUIDE - DELL Precision M4600 nVidia Quadro 1000M

Ovation Alps BTH DS3 is an impressive package. One of its best features is the versatility of frame operations. It is possible to rotate, skew and do all sorts of strange things to both text and picture frames. From the point of view of laying out a page, this is deeply wonderful. If you want to rotate a word 90 degrees for a title, it can be done without having to create it in a graphics package and then import it.

Text frames can also be irregular and so you can have them in any strange shape that grabs your fancy. All of which are extremely useful. As regards text editing, all the standard operations are readily available on the 'info palette' such as bold, italics and even superscript and subscript - which is useful. Given all this, there are some rather nifty effects available that I have never seen elsewhere. This does not mean that they cannot be found on other packages, just that I have not come across them. Of I these, the one that most impressed me was ' 'enhanced justification' which kerns indi- vidual letter pairs in the selected text. Other useful extras include automatic drop caps and advanced hyphenation, as well as tracking and kerning controls. Despite this, there are a few gripes about [the package. One is that some of the. These include Alps BTH DS3 and drop' or graphics, edit frames or lines, zoom and operations.

This was actually due Alps BTH DS3 the set up of the machine that I was running it on - a Rise PC that has been 'optimised'.

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This machine is now the equivalent of a bored- out engine with a nitro booster on a car, it runs twice as fast, but ultimately is likely to explode Alps BTH DS3 and so is not the fault of the pack- age. But this is a note of warning for all those Acorn XR3i boy racers out there. As a final note, Ova- tion Pro Alps BTH DS3 to incorporate many of the features of art packages in the way you can manipulate frames and play with text.


Hopefully, future releases will go even further along this line. For example, it would be useful to be able to increase the size of text to fit frames, rather than guessing appropriate values, and also fit- ting text to curves would be nice. Given all this, Ovation Pro looks as if it is going to set the new standard for DTP on the Acorn, although I still doubt that it will ever be as easy for me to use as Impres- sion. The word 'pro' in the title Alps BTH DS3 very apt. After just a few minutes working from the tutorial which is supplied with Ova- tion Pro, I was surprised at how similar the I methods of creating items on the docu- 1 ment were to QuarkXPress.


Starting a new document I was Alps BTH DS3 sented with a button bar which runs across the top of the page so I could quickly access frequently used menu items. At the left hand side is the toolbox which enables you to draw frames for text text with the mouse, and also the use of sexed quotes. These are all there in theory, but did not appear to work in the version that I received. Also, it is Alps BTH DS3 that the package is I too powerful, with too many menus and numbers to be typed in and not enough I on-screen editing. Alps BTH DS3 drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources.


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