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To start the Rockbox firmware, simply press Play on its own.

Continue holding both until you see a message telling you that it is starting the original firmware. When starting the original firmware from the remote with the main unit Hold switch on, you Iriver H340 need to hold the Play button until the iriver firmware has started.

IRiver H Black (40GB) Digital Media Player eBay

I would recommend in buying a Cameron Sino mAh battery as the original battery doesn't last as long, but you can get just over 14hrs play back with the back light on all the time! Read full review by bjtech Jan 07, The Iriver H multi codec Juke box The H multi codec Juke box by iriver is a great little machine with its 40 gig capacity I can have Iriver H340 all my record collection, some Videos, photos, documents, FM radio,it also is an MP3 recorder with facility for an external stereo mic, it can be used as a host like a little PC so that it can down load from a camera or memory sticks. I love it and take it with me most days.


Iriver H340 I did run a Iriver H340 on advertised setting, and achieved approximately 15 hours of playback on a full charge, I also ran a more realistic test as it is far likely for users to have a mix of all kinds of different qualities with their music files. The test I ran was using a combination of Kbps, Kbps, and Kbps songs, some of which last as short as 3 minutes while the longest was an hour-long liveset. The music genres were a mix of hip hop, pop, and trance. The result was a little disappointing, as the playback time shortened by a few hours down to 10 hours and 31 minutes.

IRiver H - digital player Overview - CNET

However, that is still much better than the old iPods, and certainly put it up to par still against the newer MP3 players. Miscellaneous Features The H is truly a geek's gadget as it does a wide Iriver H340 of extra functions. Iriver H340 of all, there's the FM radio reception.

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The FM radio is only through 2 channels so those fancy EQ settings are impossible. In addition, its playback is only from However, considering that with the iPod, users would need to buy an iTrip or some other external antennae just to be able to listen to radio at a comparable quality, this is definitely a nice perk. Also, you have the option of recording whatever radio show you are listening to, directly as MP3 files. Speaking of recording, the voice recorder performs beautifully. Iriver H340

Of course, I brought the H to Iriver H340 out the sound recording in a dome setting that does not feature the best acoustics. Surprisingly, the recording quality was quite high.


Though there had been moments of inaudibility, that is more due to the rampant clapping of a mostly-Republican crowd that is Iriver H340 to passionate responses. Users can also record with an external microphone and tweak options with regards to the quality of the MP3 file. But there is a MB limit on the size of the recording. Japanese - Same as Korean but defaults to Japanese tuner region. Iriver H340 firmware is designated by a J appended to the version number.

Iriver H300 series

This firmware has been updated twice Iriver H340 v1. It is also not possible to upgrade US firmware to any other firmware including v1. Firmware version history[ edit ] There have been different versions of the firmware over time International firmware updates[ edit ] This firmware applies to the European, Korean and Japanese editions of the firmware. First "standard" firmware made for the players when released 1. Shipped with Iriver H340 players only 1. The iriver H series were a series of portable audio players developed by iriver, including the iriver H and H models.

Each can play music, transfer  ‎Features · ‎Models · ‎Preinstalled firmware · ‎Firmware version history. The iRiver Iriver H340 is a digital media player that allows its users to store up to songs on the 40 GB built-in memory module and features 2 inch display, for an.

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