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I ended up playing very well during my test match, although I am hesitant to chalk this up exclusively to the headset. It does the job, but the sound is more functional than immersive. Once I had a chance to sit back and listen to the ambient music and noises of Revolution-era Paris, they sounded far away and a little indistinct. Based on my testing, the mic quality is not very good. Since the mic is in a SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Headset position, you can't adjust it to suit your speaking style, and background noise is a big concern.

SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism review TechRadar

When using the Engine 3's built-in audio-optimization option, a co-worker told me that my voice sounded audible, but a bit wobbly. Without that option, she could barely hear me at all. Overall, the Raw Prism delivered a muddy and dark soundscape. When I was listening to music, vocals didn't sound crystal clear unless you activate the Voice preset, which tends to drown out instrumentsand anything aside from the melody tended to get lost. The headset favors treble to a considerable degree; while bass SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Headset audible, you'll never "feel" it as you would on a very high-quality headset.

I spent a few workdays listening to music SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Headset the Raw Prism, and it didn't handle any particular genre very well. When I listened to Handel's Messiah, not only did the whole recording sound somewhat dull and lifeless, but it actually started getting overblown at high volumes.

SteelSeries' surprisingly lightweight software offers plenty of features in an easily digestible form. The Engine 3 software will automatically recognize the Raw Prism, at which point you have a number of options. You can tweak the default profile, or create any number of new ones and link them to specific programs. This process is about as painless as it gets, and you can even link multiple programs to one profile.

You SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Headset control two parameters on the Raw Prism: The LED color is simple enough: Just choose a color cycle or a single hue. Toying around with five different equalizer settings for hertz and decibel levels, on the other hand, is not as easy, since the interface is very small. However, the preset options are sufficiently varied, and sound distinct. There are six settings, ranging from Music to Performance best for games to Voice, and each one definitely highlighted the aspect it promised. However, the overall audio quality didn't impress, especially once we started playing music. Because it functions pretty well for competitive multiplayer shooters, the mic alone might make the Raw Prism worth the price of admission. That's about it for standout features on this minimalist headset, except for its discrete internal mic.

There's just a barely noticeable nub on the left-hand side which picks up your voice quite competently, though you'll be quiet over the chat channels until you boost your outgoing signal in Windows or the mic calibration tab of SteelSeries' software.

SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism White Headband Headsets for Multi-Platform

In the name of simplicity or cost-saving there's no inline remote — although there is a mute button on the left earcup. Despite the indubitable fact that 'RAW Prism' sounds like a bar in Shoreditch where they'd serve locally brewed moonshine in jamjars, this headset ain't putting on airs and graces with its feature SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Headset. If you want a travel bag, swappable earpieces of different fabrics and other such gubbins, then look elsewhere.


However, what the RAW Prism does, it does very competently. It's a very comfortable headset for the money, thanks mostly to its lightweight materials but also some generous padding on both ears and the headband. The absence of frivolities like brushed metal usually used in the headband means there's also very little noise when adjusting the cups in any direction. SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Headset were a little bit worried to see signs of wear and tear on the material around the ears after just three weeks of use though, so don't expect bomb-proof construction. SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Headset bass Naturally, sound quality overrides all the above considerations, and this is another area in which the RAW Prism walks the walk.

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It's a simple two-channel stereo offering rather than surround sound, but the stereo spread is nice and wide so you'll hear panned sound cues like a voice coming from the corner of a room, or footsteps behind you quite accurately. The cans do give away their pricing in their muddy bass reproduction, though.

SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism review

Buy SteelSeries Siberia RAW Prism Gaming Headset: Headsets - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Review by Phil Iwaniuk. SteelSeries has recently updated and expanded its range of headsets in a bid to cater to just about everyone who likes.

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