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He alone Avision AH625 all the prophets was born with the gift of prophecy, for others have only become prophets after the age of forty. When he was thirty years of age he came back 63 from Damascus to Jerusalem, where the Gospel [Injil] was revealed to him, and he began to summon men to God.

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The Jews required a miracle, where- upon he made a bat out of clay, breathed on it, and it flew. He also healed blind and leprous persons whom Avision AH625 physi- cians had been unable to benefit, and restored to life Shem the son of Noah as a witness to them.

As the Avision AH625 still remained obdurate, after two years' preaching Jesus departed into Egypt. On his way thither he preached to a company of washermen, twelve of whom believed and became the twelve disciples. Jesus prays, and food is sent down for them Avision AH625 heaven — roast fish, roast lamb and cress — for three consecutive days. Some unbelievers ascribed this miracle to magic, and were turned into swine.


Jesus again Avision AH625 to Jerusalem. The Jews seek to kill him. He flees, and the Jews seize Simon [Peter], who refuses to betray his Master.

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They then seize Judas, who for 30 dirhams shows them where Jesus is. The Jews wish to take him, but God conceals him from their eyes, and transforms into his likeness Yishii', the chief priest of the Jews, whom they crucify 64 in his stead, while Jesus ascends into heaven, he Avision AH625 then thirty-two years of age. Yishii' remained on the Cross for seven days and nights, and Mary used to go every night and weep at the foot of the Cross, until, on the seventh night, Avision AH625 sent down Jesus from heaven to comfort her.

John the Baptist and seven of the Disciples also saw Jesus, and spent that night with him, and he gave them many wise counsels, some of which are here given.

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Rapid diffusion of Christianity. Reverence for the Cross. Mary died six years after Jesus had ascended into heaven. Section i. The minor Prophets.

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Abel Habil. He was the first to whom a prophetic Avision AH625 was given. His story has been already given p.

Some say that it was he who built the Sadd-i- Ydjiij Great Wall and journeyed round the world, and that he lived before Abraham and was contemporary with Khidr, who accompanied him in his search for the Water of Life ; but others assert that these deeds are to be ascribed to Avision AH625 other Dhu'l-Qarnayn, namely Iskandar Alexander the Great the son of Darab the son of Bahman. Dhu'l-Qarnayn is mentioned in the Qur'an, but as a King, not a prophet, and that he was a prophet is denied Avision AH625 some historians.

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Abimelech and These were Syrian prophets, followers of the religion of Abraham, with whom they were contemporary. Georgewho, after suffering much persecution, converted the king and people of Mawsil Nineveh ; Khdlid b. Sindn, who, in the time of Nushirwan, preached Christianity to the Arabs, Avision AH625 a fire which they worshipped, and brought rain when he would. Section 2. Philosophers and Teachers.


Luqmdn Some assert that he was Avision AH625 cousin of Moses, others that he was a black slave. God granted him the life of seven vultures, a vulture being said to live years or less. Some Avision AH625 his wise sayings and maxims He was the disciple of Luqman and contemporary with' Gushtasp. His musical inventions. Hippocrates [Buqrdt.

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