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The equipped battery or the original battery falls within a safe voltage range required for rated work. Samsung Q battery As we know, the laptop batteries are lithium batteries which are characterized by: The voltage increases when the battery is charged to full, and decreases when the battery is discharged.

For example, the actual effective working voltage range available from a nominal Samsung Q battery The voltage is about However, 9 V — Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start respect to the principles of DC supply design of the computer, the original manufacturer of any computer designs the supply line of the computer mainboard in that way. Therefore, the batteries are interoperable and safe no matter whether the rated voltage of the original battery is How do I calculate the power consumed by my computer in an hour? Such data is available from the relevant professional website.

Generally, the power consumed by the computer during the running is related to the size of the computer screen, CPU, memory, hard disk and the power saving circuit design of the computer mainboard. Some P4 computers are defective in the power consumption design and generally consume more power. The computers prevalent in the market now are excellent in the power consumption design.

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I wonder how many hours my new battery can run Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start the computer? Generally, the service duration of a battery is directly related to the consumption power of the computer. The output power provided by a working battery is: Nominal voltage multiplied with the nominal capacity is the total output power available from the battery.

The power consumed is also related to the running status of the computer. If Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start computer is used for playing games or DVD, the computer consumes more power in the full-speed running status, and the service duration of the battery is shortened accordingly. My battery works for three hours initially, but then it cannot be charged further.


Is the battery faulty" described herein above. When I put the battery into the computer, the Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start shuts down automatically; when I take the battery out, the computer works normally. That indicates the battery is faulty.

That occurs rarely and is possibly caused by technical faults arising from short-circuit protection of the battery interface. In this case, contact your distributor to replace the battery.

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Asus K72 battery Question: When this problem occurs, check whether the ambient temperature is too high. Asus K72DR battery If the laptop is used in a high-temperature environment for a long period, the battery will be disconnected for purpose of protection. In this case, in order to prevent accidents, shut down the laptop first, take out the battery, and then reload the battery. Another possibility is that your computer is faulty in the process of charging.

Software problem - bios Asus X73SD User Manual Page 89 /

Asus K72DY battery In this case, check the computer because the charging circuit of the computer tends to fail in case of charging. In this case, use the original battery instead and check whether the computer works normally. If the problem persists, contact our distributor to Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start the battery.

Dell Latitude E5510 Laptop Wireless 1397, 15xx Half MiniCardSpecifications
D-Link Air DWL-660 WirelessTo search drivers or utilities, select the model of the Notebook / Laptop (Netbook):

Asus K72F battery? First, check whether the battery contacts the laptop properly.


Improper contact makes it impossible to charge the battery even if the communication data of the battery is readable. In this case, try to unplug and plug the battery for more times. Asus K72JK battery If you hear a clatter after inserting the battery Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start the laptop, it is generally regarded as proper contact. Try inserting for more times, Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start you will know whether the laptop contacts the battery properly. Pay attention to this especially when you use an IBM laptop. If you are sure that the battery contacts the laptop properly but the battery still does not work normally, the battery may be substandard.


Asus K72JR battery This problem is caused by two factors: Please contact distributor to check the status of the battery. Aug Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start, - Download Asus K73SV Notebook Fancy Start Utility (Other Drivers & Tools). K73SV. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual & Document · Warranty  Missing: Fancy.

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