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Liste des pilotes OTHER SOUNDCARDS à la catégorie Cartes audio

A - 5 Keyboard and Touchpad assembly parts list A - 6 FDD assembly and parts list A - 7 HDD assembly and parts list A - 10 C A - 11 Bottom half assembly and parts list A - 11 LCD panel A - 12 LCD panel Clevo 2700S Modem A - 13 Keyboard and Touchpad assembly A - 14 Keyboard and Touchpad parts list A - 15 FDD Assembly and parts Clevo 2700S Modem Insert a floppy in the drive 2. Type something on the keyboard many times. I received the error message: I should not receive any error at all.

See the above descriptions for the lap top computer's configuration I found the problem with. Comment 1 Dave Jones Best Regards and many thanks.


I am very sorry and I apologize. I have also some news about Slackware. I went back to Slack 9.

Even if I did not specify any kernel parameter for the floppy on the kernel line for the boot, I am able Clevo 2700S Modem use it without any problem at all. Nevertheless, having decided to give you also the results from dmesg in Slackware, I have seen something that could be interesting for you; if I give dmesg command before I mount the floppy the result is the one you may see in dmesgSlackNoFD text file, if I give the same command after the floppy has been mounted I obtain the textfile dmesgSlack; the interesting part is the last one in this file, where it is possible to see the same error message about floppy, even if this error does not arise at all during the use of the PC, I mean that the only moment when it arises is the execution of dmesg command; the other strange thing is that if I repeat the dmesg command after I have unmounted the floppy, the dmesg command continues to report the same lines with those errors.

Attached to this mail you may find four files: Many Many thanks again for your attention and for your great work! On node 0 totalpages: Could not enable APIC! Initializing CPU 0 Detected Intel machine check reporting enabled on Clevo 2700S Modem 0.


Subsystem revision ACPI: Using configuration type 1 PCI: Found IRQ 10 for device Sharing IRQ 10 with Hash tables configured established bind Linux IP multicast router Clevo 2700S Modem. Loading blocks [1 disk] into ram disk Mounted root cramfs filesystem.

Freeing unused kernel memory: Unix domain sockets 1. SiS ATA 1st gen controller ide0: Commit interval Clevo 2700S Modem seconds EXT3-fs: Maximum main memory to use for agp memory: Detected SiS chipset agpgart:Key, RTC Alarm, Modem Ring-In, LAN, PME#, AC'97 Wake-Up and USB The S/S Notebook PC uses the Intel Mobile Pentium III/Celeron ).

professional wavetable along with separate modem DMA controller. SiSS also. Advanced PCI H/W Audio & ModemS, C, S.

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