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Nikon COOLPIX B review - Cameralabs

On the plus side the white balance is good and the colours are nicely saturated. Face priority works well when people are within a few metres of the camera in good light. If there are no faces in the frame it defaults to the nine-area AF system which it uses to focus on the subject closest to the camera. There are three manual modes, spot, normal and Wide, but in reality this is a single mode with options for the AF area size. All the same the ability to change both the size and position of the AF area is a useful thing to be be able to do and in certain situations can greatly increase your chances of getting sharp snaps. This identifies subjects objects as well as people in the frame when the camera is pointed at a scene. Potential Nikon COOLPIX 700 are identified and tracked with green rectangles. The multi-selector controls the aperture and the control dial the shutter speed.

That means in Aperture and Shutter priority modes either one or the other is redundant, which is a shame. It would be good to be able to configure the redundant dial for exposure compensation, or even ISO sensitivity. There are two Fn buttons which can be assigned to a range of menu items including drive mode, white balance, metering mode and ISO sensitivity. That makes up a little for the absence of a quick menu — something Nikon has never provided on its compacts — but why Nikon makes the default setting for both buttons the same is a little baffling.


Why not make life a little easier for people? Especially as it takes some Nikon COOLPIX 700 at least five minutes in my case to find out how to re-assign the buttons. Among the more interesting ones are Easy Panorama, Moon and Birdwatching scene modes. Moon provides a selection of tint options which you can select on screen.


More usefully, a small square in the middle of the frame indicates the area Nikon COOLPIX 700 when fully zoomed in, so with the camera on a tripod you can frame the moon in the small square then Nikon COOLPIX 700 OK to automatically zoom the lens all the way in, theoretically at least. In practice, as anyone who has tried to shoot the moon will know, framing is a tricky business. That said, the new Moon scene mode may be enough to encourage first timers to have a crack at lunar photography.

Nikon COOLPIX B Digital Camera (Refurbished) B B&H Photo

Birdwatching mode offers single shot and continuous modes, the later shooting a 5 frame burst in a second. Like Moon mode, it provides a frame guide and zooms in automatically, this time to mm. The arbitrary limit on the focal length is a bit of an imposition though and I reckon most bird photographers will be happier just to use program auto mode and set the set the drive mode to one of the continuous Nikon COOLPIX 700. Apart from some selective colour options the effect sets provide four variations on a theme — noir Nikon COOLPIX 700 black and white filters, Classic are strong coloured monochrome tints, Memory gives you variation on a slightly washed out cross-processed look.

One good thing about Creative mode though is that it does at least provide you with an unflitered JPEG alongside the filtered versions. Of course if you prefer you can always use Wifi to transfer images manually, and the Wifi link also allows you to shoot remotely using your Nikon COOLPIX 700. Setup is easy enough, First you install the app on your Android or Apple device, then start the pairing process with the camera.

Technical Specification

If you have an NFC-equipped Android phone you simply hold the handset against the side of the camera for a couple of seconds before both devices display passcodes for you to confirm. I tested SnapBridge on the B using my iPhone 6 and the process is almost as simple — instead of making contact with the Nikon COOLPIX 700 devices the app displays the camera Nikon COOLPIX 700, which you tap to select, it then initiates pairing with displayed passcodes for you to confirm. That is unless you have more than one Snapbridge-enabled camera. You can also opt to upload your photos to the Nikon Image Space service and I can see that this might be useful as a backup or if you wanted to share full-size JPEGs on from there. The Bluetooth link between the camera and your phone is maintained when you switch the camera off, so any remaining downloads can complete and to save time connecting when you turn the camera back on again.

And here the SB is no slouch, thanks to a swift start up time that Nikon officially places at 1.

Rear of the Nikon Coolpix B Just above these controls, sitting beneath the spring-loaded pop up flash, is the button for raising said bulb. Give this a press and the flash immediately reveals itself.

In operation, the rugged feel, rubberized handgrip is sufficiently large to Nikon COOLPIX 700 three fingers around, whilst a forefinger hivers over the shutter release and the thumb comes to rest at a slightly curved rubber pad at the back. Press the power button and with a low familiar buzz the lens extends slightly from within its protective housing to arrive at maximum wide-angle setting.

The shooting mode wheel, with stiffened feel and ridged edge, features 11 options including standard P,A,S,M selections alongside pre-optimised auto settings. The Nikon Coolpix B In-hand Unsurprisingly, most of the real estate on the backplate of the camera is taken up with its convenient flip out and twist LCD monitor. Above this is positioned the eye level electronic viewfinder with dioptric adjustment wheel located at its top left for the shortsighted. We do get a dedicated button over on the opposite side of said viewfinder for activating it and switching off the LCD below — but as we say there is also a built in eye sensor that does this for us.

When fully extended the screen can also be flipped to face the subject for timed group Nikon COOLPIX 700 or the ubiquitous selfie. What is impressive, however, is the amount of battery life we get from a full charge of its lithium ion cell. The Nikon COOLPIX B is a 20 MP DSLR style compact Nikon COOLPIX 700 camera that captures stills and 4K UHD video. Share images instantly with built-in Wi-Fi to. Color Variation. BK; RD. * Color availability may vary according to region. Find your local Nikon website. Overview; Specifications.

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