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No proprietary drivers are required, the device will be directly recognized when the CC mode is activated by the button on the front panel. The iPad is not only an attractive mobile music creation and recording platform, but a closed hard- and software system without common driver problems and interferences from 3rd party hardware, like graphic or network cards.

RME Fireface UCX Audio Interface PnP Driver Windows 10 driver download - Windows 10 Download

It provides stability, a good realtime performance and an easy handling. Superb microphone preamps with EQ, dynamics, even with the AutoSet feature, in addition to professional balanced line outputs, and a hi-power headphone output that also excels with high impedance headphones. The UCX adds another special feature: Many USB audio devices extract clock for DA conversion from the USB data packets, running in slave mode adaptive modeRME Fireface 400 Interface PnP comparably high jitter values, especially since most won't offer active jitter suppression.


The UCX works in clock mode master asynchronous modeboth during recording and playback, thus achieving the exact same sound quality with an iPad as under Windows and Mac OSX. Supported Inputs and Outputs. Garage Band supports all inputs, but RME Fireface 400 Interface PnP two at a time. Auria can record all 18 inputs simultaneously. Playback will use analog outputs 1 and 2, or even more channels if the app supports such operation.


All outputs can be processed independently volume, EQ, dynamics, FX return. The input RME Fireface 400 Interface PnP will pass through all activated functions of the TotalMix FX input channel, namely settings, EQ, and Dynamics, and is then sent to the iPad. Like under Windows and Mac, the input fader controls direct monitoring to any output. The iPad's output signal passes through all activated functions of the TotalMix FX hardware outputs, namely settings, EQ, and dynamics. I really don't know what you hear.

But you even don't tell what mic that is you hear it with. I do know from experience that a cloud lifter is no solution for situations where you record a very quiet source with an insensitive mic. Like, recording bird calls from a distance.

It adds too much noise and you end up with a bad recording. Of course, you shouldn't be using that mic. You need all the sensitivity you can get for such a job. And I've only encountered a few preamps that will do well: Of course, I haven't tested all of them. The included switching power supply accepts voltages from to V, thus can be operated all over the world.

FireWire & USB

A rear panel switch enables Bus Powered operation, taking the power directly from the FireWire connector. To avoid potential problems, both the unit's internal power supply and the protective circuits at the FireWire port were specially designed and thoroughly tested.

The Fireface 's front panel features 2 balanced microphone inputs with a digitally controlled input stage, individually switchable 48 V phantom power, and Neutrik Combo connectors for XLR and TRS. These can also be used as additional Line inputs.

Inputs 3 and 4 are stunningly flexible balanced universal inputs. Furthermore, the input impedance can be switched from Line 10 kOhm to Instrument kOhm.

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An additional analog input amplification of up to 18 dB in steps of 0. There's no signal that these inputs can't deal with perfectly! Inputs 5 to 8 on the rear feature RME's proven level references.

RME Fireface Channel, 24 Bit / kHz Firewire Audio Interface. RME: Downloads, Latest and older drivers, product manuals, tools, desktop wallpapers and demos. FireWire Interfaces.

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