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It can manage a more than acceptable 85Hz in the more generally useful by - which is the highest resolution you can clearly display on the average 19 inch monitor, anyway.


But for 3D, the standard drivers leave a lot to be desired. You can't select it.

There's an undocumented "OpenGL" subdirectory in the TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics directory on the software CD, which contains an alternative Windows driver which, I hoped, would let me play my beloved Quake 2. Nope; this driver's clearly undocumented for a reason.

Trident Blade 3D Preview

It doesn't do OpenGL or 2D properly. It crashed all over the place for OpenGL when I tried it, and all sorts of amusing screen-drawing errors happened TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics Windows. I didn't bother trying Direct3D. Jaton's driver download site didn't have anything better on offer, and so I was all set to say that all sane shoppers should avoid this card like the plague.

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Just not from Jaton. Trident, the manufacturer of the chipset, have drivers here that work perfectly with theand, armed with these I finally got around to doing a benchmark or two. This is not a point in its favour, though, because it's pretty much impossible to buy a new graphics card these days that isn't blindingly fast for 2D. Years ago, "Windows accelerated" graphics cards were a big thing, because they cut down on the waiting while sluggish Windows apps drew their complicated button-filled windows. These days, any significant pauses you experience in the window-drawing procedure are caused by applications being slow to tell the graphics card what they want usually because Windows is TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics flogging itself to death, as is its wontand not by any shortcomings on the card's part.

My favourite quick and dirty benchmarking program, WinTune 98reported the 's 2D performance as 75 megapixels per second on my MHz overclocked Celeron system. But, as mentioned above, if all you want is 2D then pretty much any card will suit you, as long as you're not running a 21 inch or larger monitor.

Trident BLADE 3D 9880 (Windows 2000)

And if you are, then dropping a TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics of hundred extra bucks on a video card is unlikely to bother you. WinTune reported its performance in by16 bit colour as This puts it at roughly half, and roughly a quarter, of the speed of the high-spec V Ultra. Which is about four times the 's price, so you'd blooming well want it to be faster.


This will deliver Quake 2 framerates of 30 TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics 35 frames per second in by mode, 16 bit colour, if it's driven by TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics MHz Pentium-II class processor, like my overclocked Celeron, or like the super-fast off-the-shelf Celerons you can buy today. It'll only barely dip below 30 frames per second even when tortured by the famous Crusher demo. Crusher gives you a good idea of the worst-case-scenario multiplayer frame rate you'll get when everything starts happening at once - which is when a low frame rate will do you the most harm.

As a rule of thumb, 30 frames per second is the sweet spot; more is nice, but the difference between 20 and 30 TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics per second is much more noticeable than the difference between 30 and In the Crusher demo, at by and 16 bit colour, the VideoAGP scored a frankly miserable 11 frames per second. For the far less demanding demo2. This isn't fast enough to be fun. Cut down to bythe scored a more respectable 19 and 28 frames per second, respectively; this means it's fine for single-player OpenGL or Direct3D games in byand not too bad for multiplayer. Without that knowledge, one should conclude that unless the tested before was strongly bandwidth constrained, the chip frequency difference should be relatively same as memory.

Both 3DImage chips use same driver, another hint of little architectural changes. Just like for theDVD chip with Thama video playback was planned, but this time canceled soon enough to not leave anyone hanging. Experience The images produced by seem more stable to me, but rest assured there are still too many jumping polygons and broken texture filters.

Trident BLADE 3D (Windows 95/98) Driver - TechSpot

Ain't that some cool subpixel precision? Shortly compatibility is almost the same asonly Expendable enriched the results. Beta driver needed for AGP has some troubles tough, Hellbender now cannot be started. Even then the Motoracer 2 remains limited to x resolution, TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics all my tweaking efforts. There is but one improvement: Other than that even this 3D Image was great troll among 3d accelerators.


My condolences to every gamer TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics owned this gem. I found another volatility: What you see on the first picture are horrible texture combine artifacts at default setting. These almost go away when Z-buffering is disabled, which you can see after clicking on that image. By the way speed gain was quite small. Same thing happens with all newer games using lightmapping, so depth accuracy may be another area where Trident cut corners too short. It seems slower cards would equal performance in both average and minimal framerates, but still with much superior gaming experience.


This is still insufficient to change the overall picture. Conclusion If only speed was of concern I could have just say showed some reasonable framerates for its price. Trident however did not deliver usable 3d accelerator in the form of 3DImage.

Feb TRIDENT BLADE 3D Graphics, - So you've got a $10 bill in your wallet, and you walk into a store looking to buy a T-shirt. An eager salesman approaches you and directs you. graphic cards since ! Trident Blade 3D Jaton VideoPCI-3D Made by: Trident; Codename: ; Bus: PCI, AGP 2x; Memory.

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