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You will need some dependencies. These are documented on the Point Grey instructions.

In the terminal, enter the following commands: It is searchable for camera type and operating systems. I selected the Linux You will probably be asked to register on the website before the download begins. Unpack the Software When the software is downloaded it is in the Downloads folder. Double click on it to extract the files. Unless you specify another place, it will extract into the Downloads folder. For proof-of-concept purposes, that was just fine by Point Grey Firefly MV Camera. Run the Setup You need to copy some library files to system folders.

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Again, this is in the Point Grey Instructions, but these are the commands. You are going to run it. Assuming you are using the defaults on the Raspberry Pi, that is probably the user name you want as well. They compiled some examples from the API libraries. Firefly mono; Barlow lens on a short nosepiece; Companding mode; strong interference;Sun in H-alpha It offers x Point Grey Firefly MV Camera and recording up to 60 frames per second.

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Gamma can be changed only to "on" - which sets the camera into companding mode. In this mode the camera doesn't have Point Grey Firefly MV Camera linear response - stronger signals give weaker response than in linear mode. This allows to fit bigger dynamic range into an 8-bit dynamic range image. In theory it could be handy for imaging prominences Sun in H-alpha. You can find additional description on Point Grey site.

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Also those sensors keep a lot of their sensitivity in infrared which may be handy for IR luminance imaging of planets and Moon. To use Firefly for astrophotography you have to use free FireCapture application 2. You have to install FlyCap in 2. FlyCap can be downloaded from PGR website.

When you install everything add to FireCapture. This will disable extended gain mode used by FireCapture for other Point Grey cameras that support it.

Firefly MV USB cameras for industrial, life science, traffic, and security applications.

Firefly won't start with extended gain turned on. Firefly has only 12 dB. That makes imaging of dim objects very hard. Saturn is a dim planet and during imaging usually max gain is used.


In case of Firefly the gain is to low to allow sane imaging at high resolutions. Bright objects like Moon or Sun aren't a problem.

High brightness allows using very low gain at short exposures. Also bright planets like Venus, Mars and even Jupiter should be doable with those 12 dB of gain.


In case of solar imaging with a 35 mm Lunt the mono camera showed Point Grey Firefly MV Camera strong interference Newton rings. One of optical elements like sensor cover glass is causing such interference which is quite odd. I tried tilting the camera or the diagonal with no luck. Color camera didn't showed such interference. They are investigating the issue.

Point Grey Firefly MV Ffmv-03m2c Ieee-1394 Industrial Camera With Lens

In the end we have a cheap camera that works without problems. On the other hand it has very low gain limiting efficiency of imaging at high resolution. If you want only something basic and cheap - Firefly should be on your list. Color vs mono camera In a color sensor each pixel has a filter on top of it - red, green or blue R,G,B. So the sensor provides information about Point Grey Firefly MV Camera color on every frame gives a color image. In a monochromatic sensor there are no filters so each pixel responds to any light - blue and green and red. Firefly MV Camera. The small and affordable Firefly® MV line offers 11 different combinations of CMOS image sensor ( and MP), form factor (board-level. The small and affordable Firefly® MV line offers 11 different combinations of and most advanced feature sets, please refer to our Blackfly S and Firefly camera.

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