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If the connection is Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM 300K bit slow or the camera or drivers are not the best suited, then medium size might work better than large. Also, it is worth noting that, if your bandwidth is limited then the more bandwidth you demand for video, the less that will be left for audio which will make the audio choppy. While you can live with choppy video, I find choppy audio to be very annoying, to the point where it is not worth using the video conference.

In receive video quality you can set the slider to faster video lower quality or slower video with higher quality. In the section "video camera properties" you can select the video source and configure it.


This only works well if the camera is active as I said before. I have a minor problem Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM 300K and it is that I have a TV card installed in my computer and when I go to this pull-down list, the TV card is always selected by default so I have to select the USB webcam every time. While the camera configuration will probably have some default automatic settings, you can change these settings if you click on "source". Setting up the video-conference call Now let us talk about the mechanics of establishing a connection. It used to be that you would log into an ILS server, find the name of the person you were looking for, clicked on that name and NM would take care of setting up the connection.

There may still Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM 300K a few around but some require payment and, in any case, they are not as popular or as widespread as they used to be. You can check out http: Now I find it easier to set up the call manually which is not difficult if you understand what you are doing. If you understand these issues you should be able to get NM to work correctly for you.

Anubis TYPHOON WEBSHOT II USB 300K (50943) 1.00

Let us start with the simplest case and progress from there to more complex cases. Suppose you and your correspondent's computers are connected directly to the Internet. That is to say, both have public IP addresses and have no proxy servers, routers or firewalls separating them from the Internet.

You can start the call by typing the IP address, in the form x. Then you click on the call telephone icon on the right and that initiates the call. If everything goes well, the other computer receives the call and the other user can accept it or reject it.


To end the call you click on the hang up button just below it. If you click on the drop down menu button at the right end of the address line, you will get a choice of addresses you have called in the past. This is useful if you call a static IP address often or if you call other computers on your own LAN yes, this can be done and is useful too, as we shall see. If you check the menu option "Call - automatically accept calls", then calls received will be accepted automatically. This might not be a good idea when you were logged into a public directory and anyone could call Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM 300K but I have it checked now because I know I want to accept the calls of people who would call me.

I have found a strange glitch in that in some computers NM will remember if this box was checked while in other computers I have to check it every time I start NM. I am not sure if this is related to the computer or to the version of NM. So, basically, all you need to do is tell NM what IP address to call.

Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM 300K But how do you find out Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM 300K IP address of the person you are trying to call? This is what the ILS servers would automatically do for you in the past. You can find out your own IP address with several Windows programs. Other tools you can use to find out your IP address are ipconfig. There are also web sites which will give you your IP address like http: Of course, it helps if you have a static IP address, like I do. As it does not change, then my friends can call me without having to first find out what my address is. In fact, if you often call someone who has a static IP address you can create a shortcut on your desktop and call your friend by just clicking on the shortcut.

Right-click on the desktop and select "new shortcut".

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In "command line" type callto: Then name the shortcut "call Joe" or whatever you want. Download the latest Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM K device drivers (Official and Certified). Anubis WEBSHOT II USB CAM K drivers updated daily.

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