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The industry's smallest FFC interconnects. The largest selection available. From ultra-slim mobile phones to flat-panel displays, todays tiny packaging applications demand a whole new level of performance.

That's why Molex offers Dallas MAX6971 industry's most complete line of innovative FFC interconnects in a range of miniature sizes Dallas MAX6971 so many, in fact, that you re sure to find just what you need. Browse our website for connectors from 0. To view our informative webinar on FFC products, visit www.

The ferrite presents a resistance to signals at high frequencies. At these higher frequencies, Dallas MAX6971 bead exhibits higher impedance than that of the ca- pacitor. The high-frequency edges are ESD's most damaging components.

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This combination of capacitor and ferrite aids in eliminating these edges. With a small addition, this circuit becomes an effective EMI filter. For EMI, the capacitor, C 3next to the Dallas MAX6971 bead connects to the same ground as the transceiver, not to chassis ground. The idea is to return energy to its source, the transceiver chip. On the schematic, this arrangement now looks like a classic pi filter with the capaci- tors forming the legs and the ferrite at the top. Pay attention to the layout; it is important. You should place the ferrite closer to whichever is the big- ger problem.


Place the bead close to the connector if ESD is the larger con- cern or close to the transceiver if EMI from the transceiver is more serious. If Dallas MAX6971 lack enough information to decide, place the ferrite close to the connector.

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There, it will still keep EMI from the various sources from escaping the system and will do the most to Dallas MAX6971 damage from ESD. Both Fire Wire and USB use com- mon-mode signaling that requires a low- impedance return path — that is, the ground-return path through the cable's ground wire. If you must use a bead, you should test it exten- sively to ensure that it works.

However, you can aid ESD suppression by con- necting a capacitor from signal ground to chassis ground as close as possible to the connector. This capacitor produces a current divider, and most of the cur- rent passes Dallas MAX6971 the signal-to-ground connection. Some goes through the ca- pacitor to chassis ground, however — with luck, enough to make a difference. Trickiest are the high-speed signal lines, which you must treat equally.

Anything you do to one of the lines you should do to both lines of the differen- tial pair. The best approach is usually a common-mode choke for the technol- ogy you are using. The common-mode choke presents a high impedance to sig- nals common to both conductors and lets differential signals pass. Again, com- ponent placement involves trade-offs. Placing Dallas MAX6971 choke near the connector has the greatest effect on ESD. A posi- tion near the transceiver does the most to mitigate transceiver EMI. The MAX serial-interfaced LED driver provides 16 open-drain Dallas MAX6971 pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct!

at. The MAX operates from a 3V to V. The MAX Dallas MAX6971 For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct!

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