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We expect to mail this proxy statement and the accompanying proxy to our stockholders of record as described below on or about May 7, Our Annual Report to Stockholders will be mailed on or about April 30, Ryan T. Any stockholder who has given a proxy has the right to revoke it Advanced Card Systems L73D any time prior to its exercise.

Stockholders who execute proxies may revoke them with respect to a proposal by attending the annual meeting and voting his or her shares of Common Stock in person, or by submitting a letter of revocation or a later-dated proxy to the Company at the above address prior to the date of the annual Advanced Card Systems L73D. What will I be voting on at the Annual Meeting?

Advanced Card Systems Holdings Limited

At the Annual Meeting, you will be asked to: Our board of directors does not know of any matters that may be acted upon at the Annual Meeting other than the matters set forth in the first two bullets listed above. Who can vote at the Annual Meeting? The record date for the determination of holders of shares of our Common Stock entitled to notice of and to vote at the Advanced Card Systems L73D Meeting, or any adjournment or postponement thereof, is the close of business on May 7, Each holder of shares 6 of our Common Stock issued and outstanding as of Advanced Card Systems L73D record date is entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting.

As of April 21,10, shares of our Common Stock were outstanding. How many votes do I have? Each share of Common Stock has one vote on each Advanced Card Systems L73D considered at the Annual Meeting or any adjournment thereof.

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The enclosed Advanced Card Systems L73D card shows the number of shares of Common Stock you are entitled to vote. How Advanced Card Systems L73D I vote? You may vote in person at the Annual Meeting or by proxy. Stockholders have the following three options for submitting their votes by proxy: For those stockholders with Internet access, we encourage you to vote via the Internet, a convenient means of voting that also provides cost savings to us. In addition, when you vote via the Internet or by phone prior to the Annual Meeting date, your vote is recorded immediately and there is no risk that postal delays will cause your vote to arrive late and, therefore, not be counted.

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For further instructions on voting and the control number required to submit your Advanced Card Systems L73D via the Internet or by phone, see your proxy card enclosed with this proxy statement. You may also vote your shares at the Annual Meeting. If you attend the Annual Meeting, you may submit your vote Advanced Card Systems L73D person, and any previous votes that you submitted, whether by Internet, phone or mail, will be superseded by the vote that you cast at the Annual Meeting. How will proxies be voted? Shares of Common Stock represented by valid proxies will be voted at the Annual Meeting in accordance with the directions given. The board of directors does not intend to present, and has no information indicating that others will present, any business at the Annual Meeting other than as set forth in the attached Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

However, if other matters requiring the vote of our stockholders come before the Annual Meeting, it is the intention of the persons named in the accompanying proxy card to vote the proxies held by them in accordance with their discretion on such matters. How can I change my vote or revoke a proxy?

You have the unconditional right to revoke your proxy at any time prior to the Advanced Card Systems L73D thereof by submitting a later-dated proxy either in the mail, or by telephone or the Internetby attending the Annual Meeting and voting in person or by written notice to us addressed to: No written revocation shall be effective, however, unless and until it is received by us at or prior to the Annual Meeting. What if I return my proxy but do not mark it to show how I am voting?

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If your proxy card is signed and returned without specifying your choices, your shares will be voted as recommended by the board of directors. What are the recommendations of the Advanced Card Systems L73D of directors?


Advanced Card Systems L73D of Directors. There is no cumulative voting in the election of our directors. The affirmative vote of a plurality of all of the votes cast in person or by proxy at a meeting at which a quorum is Advanced Card Systems L73D is necessary for the election of a director. For purposes of the election of directors, abstentions and broker non-votes, if any, will not be counted as votes cast and will have no effect on the result of the vote, although they will be considered present for the purpose of determining the presence of a quorum.

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Abstentions will not be included in determining the number of votes cast and, as a result, will not have any effect on the result of the vote. Compact USB contact card reader with keypad and LCD to support Secure PIN Entry Advanced Card Systems L73D L73D.

ACS develops and distributes a wide range of high quality pc-linked smart card readers, contact and contactless smart cards, mobile card g: L73D.

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