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A CRT monitor usually has 3 tubes behind the screen for the projection of an image. Cathode ray tubes are nothing but vacuum tubes.

Where they differ is that they have electron guns and fluorescent screen on either ends. LCD uses a special state of matter called Liquid Crystals to produce images.

Hence they are abbreviated as LCD liquid crystal display. Along with liquid crystals, polarized light and polarizing glasses also play a role in image projection. Also, Acer CRT Series companies offer curved LED panels to offer a theater-like experience at home. A monitor works on technologies that are very different for each type. This uses cathode ray tubes to project or draw Acer CRT Series on the fluorescent screen at one end of the CRT.

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The other end has electron guns present, which projects electrons at a very fast rate. Due to the large size of these tubes and the curved shape of the fluorescent screen, the CRT monitors are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye as compared to modern day monitors and have been phased out. They are called so because of their use of inert gases inside the monitor to produce images. Gases like Neon, Xenon, Argon are excited to such an extent that they change their state to plasma. When in that state, the matter emits ultraviolet light which is invisible to the human eye. However, to overcome this objective, phosphorus mineral present in each cell is absorbed and emitted back into a spectrum that is visible to the naked eye. Both of them use almost the Acer CRT Series technology, however, what is different is the backlighting system that produces the polarizing light, that illuminates the matter and ultimately produces the images required.

The advantage of these modern panels is their aesthetic looks, low power consumption, less occupied space, and their cost-effectiveness. Active matrix displays are preferred due to their overall better performance in every aspect.


The common factor between LCD and LED has always been the presence of liquid crystals being used to manipulate light from the source to behave in a way so as to produce the required images. The important aspect of LCD and LED monitors is the display controller which is responsible for deciding what images need to be displayed. Acer CRT Series is called so because it mainly controls 2 things, Acer CRT Series is the voltage and the backlight.

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It gets signals from the adapter present on the internal motherboard of the monitor. The second important aspect is the backlight of the monitor, which is the deciding factor when deciding whether the monitor is an LCD or LED type. It Acer CRT Series a technology that is no longer being used because of the poor quality of images that it produces. The light emitting diodes are present just behind the screen but are very few in number to produce bright or rich images like the other types. The other disadvantage is the fatness of these monitors due to the need to occupy more space to diffuse the light Circle Edge-Lit LED Monitor As the name indicates, Edge lit LED monitors have the light emitting diodes present on the peripherals of the display.

They can be present on the sides, the bottom, or on all edges of the monitor. Since the cost is high, the number of users is also quite less.


However, that is where the similarity ends. This leads to a very bright display with very high contrast and number of colors. They provide the perfect balance Acer CRT Series terms of viewing angles and response times. IPS panels have a crystal structure that is different compared to any other panel type. The liquid crystals are all arranged horizontally unlike TN and VA panels where crystals are also partially vertically arranged.

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The TN panel has a crystal structure that is aligned both horizontally and vertically. TN panels are very cheap and easy to produce and hence popular among the masses. Also, it is the preferred panel for gamers due to the low response time. The overall structure is very similar to that of TN panels but the crystal structure differs. The crystals are always aligned perpendicular and hence called Verticle Aligned displays. Acer CRT Series


When a voltage is applied, the crystals change alignment to horizontal. They basically work like any other OLED panel but use Acer CRT Series dots to improve the picture quality even further. Acer AC - CRT monitor - 17" overview and full product specs on CNET. Acer AcerView 79G overview and full product specs on Acer CRT Series.

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