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The Matrox Parhelia generated an incredible amount of conjecture during its eagerly anticipated arrival and guess what? Gamers drive the manufacturers to produce ever faster products to satisfy their frame hungry desires. Game developers take advantage of the Matrox Parhelia P750 in horsepower which slows down the video cards which prompts the gamers to cry for more frames which manufacturers toil to deliver.

It is a vicious cycle when the latest video card is barely on the store shelf before its successor is announced. Matrox has no desire to run the race for ultimate frames per second. Matrox does multi-monitor and they do it well. The competition would Matrox Parhelia P750 to spend tremendous energy, time and effort just to catch up. It is no secret that Matrox is far ahead for multi-monitor support and desktop image quality.

Even the most hardcore of gamers will relinquish this fact. The key word is intent. Matrox introduced the Parhelia to provide dual and even triple Matrox Parhelia P750 display with the highest quality image display possible and more than enough horsepower to meet the needs of the graphic world.


If you look closely at the competition there is support for a single DVI port but the secondary port is analog. Those of you who are fortunate enough to own two digital Matrox Parhelia P750 panel monitors are out of luck with the competition at this price range. Dual monitor capable video cards have a primary and a secondary display.

Matrox Millennium P650 & P750 Video Card Review

In other words just enough to display a desktop image. One monitor or the other has to be designated as a primary but not both. Software programs may require for part of the workspace to be in the primary display and will not work in the secondary display. This is where Matrox has leapt ahead. The Matrox Millennium P and P have no secondary Matrox Parhelia P750.

There is also dual hardware overlay support for video in a window in either display. If you happen to be fortunate enough to own two digital flat panel monitors then look closely at the competition.


There is support for DVI digital video interface but the secondary port is analog. You might as well have bought a CRT monitor or an analog flat panel because one digital flat panel cannot fulfil its potential. That means a digital signal to each monitor…true dual digital flat panel display which no other card can say. Matrox Parhelia P750

Matrox Millennium P750 - graphics card - Parhelia-LX - 64 MB

Who is a Matrox customer" triangle-setup engine that starved the rest of the chip in typical 3D rendering tasks [1]. Later in Parhelia's life, when DirectX 9 applications were becoming quite prevalent, Matrox acknowledged that the vertex shaders were not Shader Model 2.

Matrox Parhelia/P/P (Windows /XP) Driver - TechSpot

The Matrox P is a multi monitor AGP 8x graphics card with flexible dual or XDDM display driver for Matrox P-series and Parhelia series graphics cards. User Guide.

Matrox Parhelia. Matrox Millennium P Matrox Millennium P Matrox Millennium P ENGLISH.

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