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The ProMotion core meets the most demanding 2D and video requirements, featuring a fast bit internal drawing engine; DVD and live video input port VMI ; video playback acceleration, including full bilinear filtering; and hardware gamma correction and chroma correction. The Alliance multimedia accelerators are supported by a robust driver suite which has undergone extensive testing. Drivers include: Company Alliance ProMotion AT25 + AT3D Alliance Semiconductor Corporation is a leading worldwide supplier of high performance memory and memory intensive logic products.

And then you fire up the card, play games and everything is broken. Many people often say something in early 3D chip is broken, dissing the likes of TridentRage or even Riva But only after you see AT3D in action, you will know how much broken can things be.

It is not only the monochrome dynamic lighting or stipple patterns used for all but one transparency mode. Even specular highlights are done via stipple mask. All texture formats from palletized up to are supported. True color textures are full speed and true color buffer is also Alliance ProMotion AT25 + AT3D with a small performance penalty.


However, at such depth only palletized textures may be blended "properly". And since AT3D does not use system memory there is with 4 MB little hope for true color rendering at higher resolutions. Could it mean AT3D is tiling the scene?

Alliance Promotion AT25 + AT3D Video Driver

Frankly, I have no idea, datasheet also mentions Z-buffer compression, but the card does not behave like if it has more memory than others. Gouraud shading is done full speed and geometry looks perspectively ok.

Texturing however, is so warped it turns your accelerated games into chaos barfed all over your display. Perspective correction might have been very well implemented without performance penalty, but somehow at the end all important textures are not adjusted.

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It reminds me of certain quadrilateral texturing chip trying to render triangles. Such artifacts also prevents closer inspection of Alliances Pseudo Bilinear texture filtering.

Working with two chips, one being the pixel processor and the other doing the texturing work, it was build on a nm process and had two Alliance ProMotion AT25 + AT3D interfaces to the respective 2 MiByte partitions for framebuffer and textures, each being 64 bit wide. The chip was capable of bilinear texture filtering, perspective correction, using palletized textures for saving memory, alpha-blending, z-buffering limited to x pixels and a few other neat tricks not too common in the 3D world back then. The two things that set the Voodoo Graphics apart from anything else in its class was 3dfx' easy-to-use proprietary programming language called Glide and the ability to run in configurations consisting of up to 6 chips - as far as I know.

Alliance Semiconductor Video Drivers Download

Each pixel processor could communicate with three texturing chips, or so say my friends at Beyond3d. The prohibitive cost of these setups prevented them from appearing in the consumer space.

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Here you can find a copy of Alliance ProMotion AT25 + AT3D original I suppose press release 3Dfx issued on November 6th, Some interesting passages:Their ProMotion line of 2D graphics also did not fail, but were not exactly famous either AT3D arrived in summer and Alliance was showing it off as a true. [ PCI: Alliance ProMotion AT25/AT3D ] Graphics Processor Properties: Video Adapter Alliance ProMotion AT25/AT3D GPU Code Name.


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