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As games become more realistic, they require higher performance from PCs and notebooks, thus requiring companies like Asus to constantly improve their gaming models by equipping them with newer and faster components. So it really comes as no surprise that the new Intel Core i7 CPUs are now being used for a wide range of Asus laptops. Included in this presentation were the G50J, with a The models have Asus G60J Notebook Atheros LAN affordable price range of to euros, depending on individual customizations. Case Do you remember the first models of the Asus G-series?

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They were colourful and shiny boxes, which did have a certain aesthetic appeal, but not much else to offer the buyer. Thankfully, their current gaming laptops no longer have as many blinking LEDs as the G1 or G2 models. Instead, Asus settled for an illuminated "Republic of Gamers" logo on top of the display case, and a small white and blue LED installed underneath the logo.

The light allows the user to be able to discern the characters on the keyboard even in a dark environment. The brightness level of the Asus G60J Notebook Atheros LAN can be easily altered, or, if the user so wishes, it can also be completely switched off, thus giving every individual user freedom of choice. However, the gleaming bordering of the display is a problem for two reasons: However, next to the glare panel, this is the smallest evil.

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Connectivity Of course, a multimedia laptop has to have certain ports to earn that title. However, the placement of these ports can be problematic. Almost all the ports are near the front on the left and right side. As long as the buyer only uses two of the USB ports, it is possible to guide the wires around the laptop so that they do not restrict the space to the left or Asus G60J Notebook Atheros LAN of the laptop too much.

However, when left-handed users connect an external monitor with the HDMI port then the space available to use on the left side becomes very small. Due to wires and sockets, navigating an external mouse next to the laptop can become impossible.

If they arrange the wires properly, they can prevent the right side from being cluttered, and thus use an external mouse freely. No ports Left side: Kensington Lock, power outlet, Ethernet Right side: Audio ports, 2xUSB, opt. Included in the delivery package were a backpack and a mouse.

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The backpack seems to be of good quality, but we Asus G60J Notebook Atheros LAN not test it further. The shape of the mouse did require a bit getting used to, but there was nothing to complain about when it came to its precision and response time. The sensitivity of the mouse can be adjusted by pressing a button, which is really helpful when one wants to switch quickly in-game to "sniper mode". Asus has also issued a manufacturer's warranty period of 24 months for this product. The size of an individual key is about 15x15 millimetres, which is smaller than the keys typically found in 16 inch notebooks.

The positioning of the keys is mostly conventional. However, there are a few exceptions.

However, gamers should not have any problems with this keyboard as the most important keys for them are clearly marked and positioned. For example, the "Ctrl" key is positioned in the bottom left corner of the keyboard, where it is Asus G60J Notebook Atheros LAN found. Even the A-W-S-D keys are clearly marked with arrows. This helps in recognizing them quickly and easily even when it Asus G60J Notebook Atheros LAN dark. Thankfully, unlike in the older models, Asus did not go overboard with colourful markings on the keyboard of the G60J. It is a pity that, due to the alphanumerical keys right next to them, the cursor keys had to be reduced in size so as to be able to fit in. When using the cursor keys for racing games, the hand posture can become uncomfortable after a long while. An alternative to the cursor keys would be the numeric keypad to their right.

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