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Thanks for confirming. Yes, I didn't expect tracing over to the BGA pins to be easy.


Oh well. The Audio Standard Autodetection microcontroller program inside the CX will unmute the decoded and AVerMedia AVerTV M113 FM SIF audio only when it thinks it has valid audio it can't recall if it automatically mutes when good audio goes away. I'm leaning towards the CX configuration or the WM causing line in audio problems. For the WM volume control, mutes, master clock mode vs slave clock mode are the only things I can think of right now.

It's a pretty simple chip. And again programming the the I2S clock on the I2S input to be in a different mode.

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I'll have to think about it. Can you use v4l2-dbg to dump all the CX and WM registers for the case when line-in audio is working and for the case when it is not: I doubt it.

The I2S input of the CX is so simple and non-configurable, it is probably something upstream from it. When compiling my ivtv repository snapshot tip. Then 'make' and 'make install'. Look to see that the modules that we care about - wm, cx, ivtv - get compiled and installed. Then 'make unload; make unload' and 'modprobe ivtv'. On Tue, Jul 14, at 6: There also seems to be AVerMedia AVerTV M113 FM difference in the command arguments v4l2-dbg expects, from AVerMedia AVerTV M113 FM you gave. Following is the result - sel0 sel1 -i0 0V 0V -i1 3.

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However when I measured again when there is no sound output, sel0 and sel1 were both at 0V. I then forced sel0 to 5V using a jumper wire, and the sound came back on! Is this how the behavior should be?

I checked with MythTV too, and it seems to be setting the video standard when starting, which is switching off sound. When MUX is set properly and sound is present, the volume AVerMedia AVerTV M113 FM still a bit low and it seemed very noisy - something like zero-crossing distortion. I could improve it a bit by setting volume all the way high. On Sat, at I know you need to be root you AVerMedia AVerTV M113 FM sudo, so that is Ok I think. You may have to use the latest v4l2-dbg.


Good experiment and good to know! Good result, but don't do that again!

AVerMedia TV Tuner drivers.

When the CX is driving a GPIO as an out and trying to drive it low, fighting with an external power supply trying to pull the line high AVerMedia AVerTV M113 FM cause a damaging amount of current to go through the CX's output driver. Good observation, this is the bug. I checked the source code of ivtv-gpio.

It should be striaght-forward to fix the behavior, but I'll have to take a look and make sure there's not some odd board that needs something special. AVerMedia AVerTV Video Capture (M with FM, Europe) drivers were collected from AVerMedia AVerTV M113 FM websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official. AVerMedia AVerTV Video Capture (M with FM, Japan) drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver.

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