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Download AMT Datasouth Intelli-Plot InkJet Printer Driver - In October of , AMT Datasouth Corp

If it is not change it Datasouth Intelli-Plot user1. Now turn the dial down to feature 2, save. Your settings should now be saved. I assume that you have a plug-in Intelli-card in the printer.


Your emulation must be hard coded in the intelli-card. You would need to purchase an intelli-card in order to print as a standard printer. The best way to ensure that you get the right card for an older series printer like this would be to contact Kim Stovall at our California sales office. The phone number is If they become available they will be posted on our website. CELL lets Datasouth Intelli-Plot specify how much to expand or compress characters so that they look good when printed at the selected pitch. If a monochrome ribbon is installed, the printer ignores your color selection.

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In superscript mode, characters shrink to about half the normal size and print above Datasouth Intelli-Plot print line. In subscript mode, the same small characters print below the normal print line.


Page setup param- eters let you specify page size and margins. On subsequent form feeds, paper advances to the top margin you specify. The top margin can be from 0 Datasouth Intelli-Plot lines down from the top-of-form; however, you can only select a line that is above the bottom margin setting. The right margin is also used in the center and justify modes.

Paper handling parameters control how paper feeds through the printer. PATH lets you select the active paper path. You can select from the following: The demand document mode lets you remove a pin-fed form without wasting the next form. With the mode on, pressing the Ready button turns printing off, displays DEMND on the control panel, and Datasouth Intelli-Plot the last printed page up to the tear bar. POPUP lets you turn the preprinted forms alignment mode on Datasouth Intelli-Plot off. When the mode is on, you can easily align a preprinted form so that print- ing begins on any desired line.

Just press the Ready button to pause print-ing and use the Select-dial to align the first print line on the form with the top edge of the ribbon shield. When set to Auto, the printer automatically detects forms thickness and adjusts the print gap that is, the physical distance between the printhead and the form for optimal print density. These param- eters control data communications between the printer and the host computer. You can select Datasouth Intelli-Plot for parallel, Ser for serial, or Auto for automatic switching between both ports on a first- come, first-serve basis while receiving data from one port, the printer will set the other port to the busy state. Handshaking is a technique that starts and stops data transmission between your computer and the printer.

This starting and stopping is important so that neither device receives more data than it Datasouth Intelli-Plot handle at any given time. When your computer uses parity, it adds a special parity bit to each data byte it sends. This parity bit enables the printer to detect a data transmission error.

Reviewing The Setup Menu Reviewing the Setup Menu Now that you've been introduced to the Setup menu parameters and their Datasouth Intelli-Plot settings, it's time for a brief review. Setup Menu Summary——continued Description Printer Setup——continued Select characters for codes through return mode on and off mode Datasouth Intelli-Plot and off Select audible alarm mode Text AppearanceFree shipping on all AMT-DataSouth IntelliPlot InkJet Supplies. Genuine. Free $25 gift certificate for all orders over $ Next day and second day shipping. AMT Datasouth does not provide printer drivers for ACCEL and not Emul in point 4 I only can change then HP Plot Emu. but no normal Matrix Printer. You would need to purchase an intelli-card in order to print as a standard printer.


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