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Asus UL50At Intel 5150 WiMAX can deal with your business promptly. GB The tiny built-in SD card slot has proven itself to be good for transferring photos from the digital cameras to the computer. I've also used it to transfer other media files and documents between computers in a pinch. It took awhile to get used to the trackpad, with its so-called "multi-touch gestures," but once mastered it's easy to use.

Asus UL50At Notebook Intel WiMAX Driver Download

Must admit that I do revert to using a mouse when using the computer at home This computer really shines with the inclusion of the Time Machine application, and I was happy to find that I could use a reasonable priced off-the-shelf hard drive to do automated incremental backups. It works like a champ. Slowly falling in love for this macbook pro I am still plodding away learning Lion OS Asus UL50At Intel 5150 WiMAX is a departure from Windows 7 and I have to say I do not find it that intuitive, however it is slowly making more sense to me. I decided to upgrade my RAM which, according to Crucial Memory, the Pro will in fact support 16GB as opposed to the 8GB proclaimed by Apple and look forward to installing it today and seeing whether it speeds up my machine.

I have to say I am not a heavy multi-tasker with computers or life in general, but it will be interesting to see any changes. Another small frustration in getting to know the mac, and an indicator to my poor pre purchase research, is that some software designed for the mac is different that it's Windows counterparts. Not a huge thing however I enjoyed some aspects of Quicken for Windows not available on the mac version. Hence the wallet opened again and after installing Parallels for Mac and a new copy of Windows 7, I now Asus UL50At Intel 5150 WiMAX the ability to run Windows products seamlessly with my Mac OS all the while continuing to delight in the benefits of the touchpad on the Mac giving me the best of both worlds.

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All in all I am very happy with the machine and do not regret the purchase. Speed wise it seems good enough for all that Asus UL50At Intel 5150 WiMAX need as I am not a gamer, huge multi-tasker or graphic heavy user. The experience does continue and whereas I was very happy with Windows 7 and Microsoft in general, I am starting to lean more towards Apple. Only time will tell Small addendum: Upon upgrading the RAM two things came to light as suggestions.

Firstly, invest in a correctly sized mini "phillips style" screwdriver with a good sized handle. The 10 or so screws are fairly securely fastened requiring Asus UL50At Intel 5150 WiMAX moderate amount of torque to get them going. A slightly larger than optimum screw head could easily strip the screw making removal of the back plate a major bug bear. Secondly, if you are, like me, upgrading to different capacity memory sticks, put the larger of the banks in the bottom memory bay. I initially installed my new 8GB module in the top bay, leaving the original 2GB module in the bottom bay.

Unfortunately the Mac did not recognize the new module and maintained the original 2GB, 2GB configuration. After a brief review of the Crucial website, I found the suggestion to try and reverse the order of the modules which I did resulting in the Mac recognizing all 10GB when "About this Mac" was consulted.


Love it!! It works really well.

The pricing is very competitive. You will fall in love with it in no time. If you could stretch by a few dollars I highly recommend you should replace your Windows laptop with this one.


My review mainly talks about the difference I have felt between an early and late mac book pro. I bought mine from Apple Store the day it was released as Amazon didn't have it yet.

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Processor - When compared to my 3 week old Early edition there I barely experience any difference in performance 2. Hard disk - The new editions gives you more hard disk space GB instead of GB but time has taught me never to trust an internal hard disk. I always use a backup hard disk to store important files at all times. Asus UL50At Notebook Intel WiMAX Driver for Windows 7 x86 Download Asus UL50At Intel 5150 WiMAX Direct link Last update 11 Dec. Licence Free OS Support.

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Asus UL50At Notebook Intel WiMAX Driver for Windows 7 x64 Download Now! Direct link Last update 11 Dec.


Licence Free OS Support.

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