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We also think that over time the act of sliding the screen and tilting it up will get tiring.


Having things plugged in to the rear of the unit will make the tablet-to-laptop transformation inconvenient at times and the transformation is Toshiba Satellite U920T noisy and not in an enjoyable way as the screen traverses the track. Many new hybrids tout the clicking and snapping noises they make as enjoyable features; the UT makes more of a clickety-clack sound as it moves. Usability The screen tilts upwards just shy of 90 degrees, which can be frustrating if you're used to constantly adjusting the tilt of your screen forward when resting the laptop on your chest while in bed, for example.

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The angles of the screen are quite wide though, and we rarely needed to adjust Toshiba Satellite U920T tilt in order to make the picture look better, it was more the fact that we are used to the tilting action. The same can be said when it came time to shut down the laptop: We think it will take some time to get used to this form factor.

The right side with the screen Toshiba Satellite U920T its upright position. Because it doesn't close like a clamshell, it can be frustrating to use until you get used to it. This side has the other USB 3.

Gorilla Glass protects the screen from scratches, but it also means that it will reflect lights. Luckily, the brightness is high enough Toshiba Satellite U920T mute most reflections off the Gorilla Glass finish.

Satellite Ut (PSUL1CX) Support Toshiba

Instead, the Toshiba uses a xpixel panel, which is just enough to satisfy the requirements for all of Windows 8's interface features. We would have liked a higher resolution, but we didn't have any problems using the device for multitasking or viewing high-resolution pictures and we think it will be fine for all but the most Toshiba Satellite U920T users. The touchscreen is best to use when exploring the Windows Start screen interface and new-style Windows 8 apps.

When used as a regular laptop, the UT will present Toshiba Satellite U920T with a regular keyboard that has backlit keys they work on a timer that detects when you are typing. The keys are shallow though and they don't feel great to type on initially. However, they are adequately soft and we did get used to them after a while.

Toshiba Satellite U920T palm rest is not as wide as it could be due to the screen being mounted about 5cm in from the rear of the base, which means space for this and the touchpad is dramatically reduced. We do really wish the palm rest area had more depth. Typing on this Ultrabook for lengthy periods on our lap was tiring because there just wasn't enough space to properly rest our palms. It's more comfortable to type while resting the Ultrabook on a desk.

Satellite UtC - Toshiba

The touchpad Toshiba Satellite U920T is 85x43mm, and too small considering all the large pads we've seen on other Ultrabooks recently. It does the job though, and it even supports Windows 8's swipe-in-from-the-edges gestures, which have to be enabled in the driver software. They are disabled by default because the pad is so small you might accidentally invoke them while you use the touchpad for regular navigation.


You won't want to use it to Toshiba Satellite U920T complex desktop games, but it will be just fine for running games downloaded through the Microsoft store. Due to the deflection of the output off the table, the sound seems fuller.

Review Toshiba Satellite U920t-100 Ultrabook

Without this helpful boost, the output is weak, as is clear when using the device in tablet mode. The volume is sufficient for decent background sound. However, the user should not set the volume too high as the device then tends to distort the output. The pre-installed "SRS Premium Sound 3D" equalizer offers Toshiba Satellite U920T customization options, but, in general, the output still lacks Toshiba Satellite U920T notes and bass and the drowned-out high notes sound too sharp.

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The maximum volume is high and is accompanied by a constant, audible background distortion. Thankfully, the distortion is not noticeable once something is playing. Toshiba has taken Toshiba Satellite U920T hybrid Ultrabook concept and put it on the rails.


Its Satellite UT (PSUL1AS) is a in, Windows 8 model with. It employs a inch touchscreen and a power-saving Intel Core iU processor with integrated Intel HD Graphics IGP. Toshiba has chosen a slider mechanism for the Satellite Ut and picks a power-saving Intel Core iU CPU with integrated Intel HD Graphics IGP ‎Review Toshiba Toshiba Satellite U920T · ‎Performance · ‎Emissions · ‎Specifications.

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