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The microphone is located under your right palm.

You can AST PCMCIA Modem two small holes with some metal inside, just on the edge of the top. I discovered this when I was compiling the linux kernel with sound support. AST PCMCIA Modem some reason the driver leaves the microphone open and recording, because when I put my hand over the holes, it created some really interresting feedback noises in the speakers. The speakers are a bit weak, I think, but the audio outlet almost blew my headset away.

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This is what I've tried: Worked nicely with a JAZ drive. I had to disable the sound IRQ 5 since it was conflicting with the ethernet AST PCMCIA Modem I was trying to use to install a new distribution. Slackware96 3. If you have enough diskspace using ncftp in recursive retrieval mode is the fastest, since NSF is still a bit slow in linux.

Adaptec AHA-151X SCSI Host AdapterPublisher's Description
Sager NP4321 Billionton BluetoothLinux on an AST J-series Laptop (J30/J50)

Potential Problems Perhaps not everybody will agree here, or has different experiences, but these are some of the "features" I'm less impressed with, or others have reported on: My modem AST PCMCIA Modem got very very hot, I'm quite worried about it. Somebody else comments he was afraid the floppies might melt Now that I think I have the APM linux software "under control", the heat problem is definitively less.


AST PCMCIA Modem I also have problems removing and inserting the removable hd, but it seems that it's just a matter of pulling the lock away hard enough. The whole hd thing seems very fragile, so be careful. I have not dared to try and take AST PCMCIA Modem out. The mouse pointer sometimes appears to get stuck in a auto-motion, as if it's calibration is off. Just let it wander, this machine recalibrates if the motion is persistent over a long time 10 seconds or so. Despite it's anti-slip surface you sometimes need to have a napkin nearby and cover your mouse finger! I would also advice to have a fair amount of spare ones nearby, they don't seem to last too long few months? My J30 was supposed to come with spares, but didn't.

Just call ASTthey will gladly send you one but that still hasn't happened to me. Recently January my keyboard-mouse died, I am now working with the external mouse, but this clearly needs to get fixed. When can I find time to part with this machine. In March my screen died; AST PCMCIA Modem it's in the warrenty, it in the shop and being replaced. At the same time the keyboard which every now and then has "Keyboard Failure" at boot was replaced to fix the mouse. As for the external monitor the only problem I had was that when I exited X-Windows the monitor didn't seem to like that but if I simply used the Fn key and turned it off and then back on it worked fine.

It's comfortably mounted on the computer case just below the space bar and operates in the same fashion as the one on the Apple Powerbook.


It's the first laptop in the industry that allows you to upgrade to a high-performancebit processor with 3-volt technology. This feature gives you added power when AST PCMCIA Modem need it, conserves battery life, and offers a little insurance in an ever-changing computer market. PCMCIA slots work in much the same way as the ISA slots do in your desktop computer, AST PCMCIA Modem that instead of plugging in huge expansion cards, you use credit-card-sized ones. It's upgradeable to a passive- or an active-matrix color LCD display.

The PowerExec provides a significantly longer battery life than most laptops on the market. These cards were used for wireless networksmodems, and other functions in notebook PCs. Card types[ edit ] All PC Card devices use a similar sized package which is Some cards and AST PCMCIA Modem slots operate at both voltages as needed.

The original standard was built around an 'enhanced' bit ISA bus platform. They are 3.

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They are 5. For example, many modem, network, and TV cards accept this configuration.

Due to their thinness, most Type II interface cards have miniature interface connectors on the card connecting to a donglea short cable that adapts from the card's miniature connector to an external full-size connector. Some cards instead have a lump on the end with the connectors. This is more robust and convenient than a separate adapter but can block the other slot where slots are present in a pair. Download the latest AST Fax Modem device drivers (Official and Certified). version · PCMCIA AST PCMCIA Modem Fax modem · DF Data Fax PCMCIA modem. Download the latest TurboComm Modem device drivers (Official and AST DF Data Fax PCMCIA modem · AST Data AST PCMCIA Modem.


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