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Genius MousePen i608X Tablet This is the first tablet I've ever owned and my overall impression is that I got what I paid for. For around 50 bucks, I got a functional tool that tried to pass itself off as much more, but isn't.

Tablet not compatible with windws 10 - Microsoft Community

If you NEED an inexpesnive 8x6 tablet for whiteboarding simple drawing applications, as I do, use this and count yourself lucky you found it. If you want a first tablet, buy this. If you're looking to get into serious illustration uses, or if you're a wannabe Photoshop ninja, this is not the tool for you. After a few months of using this thing, even with my own limited needs, I've resolved that when I can afford it, I'll Genius MousePen i608X Tablet myself a serious tablet.


The setup simply isn't comfortable for long-term usage, no matter how simple your needs. The Genius pen is all plastic, and the point on it is very flimsy.

That means that getting precise pressure control out of it is not going to happen. If you need even level pressure control, let alone the level this tablet advertises, buy another tablet. There is no built-in eraser function on the back of the pen, as there is in many tablet PCs and graphic tablets. The plastic of the pen gets Genius MousePen i608X Tablet sweaty with long-time usage. Even with my limited applications, that means Genius MousePen i608X Tablet functionality for me. The footprint of this thing on your desk and it's heavy and yes, fragile is about a foot square if you add in all the egregious edge space.

A menu will pop up, Select Hotkeys: Now any time you tap in that cell you select the eraser.

With actions, you can also change the brush type, size, opacity, and what pen pressure does, if you want. They're very powerful for streamlining your projects, especially if you end up doing a lot of the same things to every image. With hot cells, it's even faster though I wish Genius MousePen i608X Tablet would ship with blank labels, but I'll get some. All the solutions have already been offered.

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Download the updated driver I am using this on Vista 64 with no problems. A new driver was issued Jan 15 specifically for Vista It apparently addressed CS4 issues as as well, but I don't have that to comment. Run the set-up from the zip file on their site, and you'll be good to go it may take a couple of minutes. During that time it said it was "not Genius MousePen i608X Tablet but it was actually installing the driver. Anyway, next, change the battery. I use rechargeable batteries in all of my wireless stuff, anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. The pen was working before I did Genius MousePen i608X Tablet in mine, as well.

Finally, check your photoshop brush pallete and make sure you've got it set right. Opacity is in other options, Size is in Shape Manipulation. Those are the only two I foresee using "Pen Pressure" to control.

Genius Mousepen I608X Graphic Tablet with Mouse and Pen (150 x 200mm)

Now, if you're using size, your MAX pressure equals the brush size you select. It won't go bigger than that. Answer If cursor moves randomly in a specific area, it could be a hardware problem on the tablet. It could be frequency interference between the monitor and the tablet. We suggest a distance between the tablet and monitor as: The tablet mouse cursor is shaking that I cannot move it. Answer It could be a tablet battery problem. Test Genius MousePen i608X Tablet a different laptop to exclude a USB port problem. If the problem is the same, it should be a problem with the tablet or pen. Finally, download the latest. Genius MousePen iX: Genius MousePen iX.

Tablet: Wired; USB; Unspecified; x mm; Mouse;Pen; lpi. Pen: pps.


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