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In one example, if the system 50 is currently communicating via the cellular network, such as a cdma network, the system 50 is instructed to continue such communication but to continue to try to detect the availability of WLAN. The application 54 may configure AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Serial 3 AUX preference database 56 automatically. An Access Medium Detector AMD 60 detects the availability of a wireless access medium and reports the results to the selector The selector 60 communicates with application 54 via interface E, with preference database 56 via interface F, and with AMDs 60 via interface G.

The selector 58 further communicates with user 52 via interface D.

Interface A: The user 52 may manually load new system selection criteria or modify existing system selection criteria in the preference database System selection criteria are rules that the selector 58 will use for decision making. For example, if an application is active i.

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The user may input system selection criteria via a user-graphic interface e. Interface B: The application 54 may automatically load new system selection criteria or modify existing system selection criteria in the preference database For example, an application 54 having a preference to use a given access medium X, and the preference may be loaded in the preference database 56 automatically when the application 54 is downloaded or installed.

Interface C: The user 52 may enable or disable the application The user 52 may configure the application 54 setting for system selection. For example, the user 52 may configure the application 54 to prohibit automatic interaction with the preference database 56, such as when the user 52 decides to manually control the application level preference via Interface A. Interface D: The selector 58 may AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Serial 3 AUX the user to select an access medium. In another scenario, without such prompt the user 52 may request a specific access medium, wherein such request overrides other system selection criteria.

Interface E: The application 54 may provide status information to facilitate the selector 58 in system selection. For example, whether the application 54 is enabled or disabled influences the Selector 58 decision to enable or disable the Access Medium Detector The Selector 58 may provide the system selection result to the application 54, based on the indication from the access medium detector s and system selection criteria stored in the preference database.

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For example, if the Selector 58 selects an access medium with higher bandwidth, the application 54 may switch to a codec with better quality. In another example, the Selector 58 relays the system detection results to the application 54 from an Access Medium Detector 60, so that the application 54 may display the results to the AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Serial 3 AUX Interface F: The Selector 58 obtains the system selection criteria from the preference database If there is a change in the system selection criteria e. The Selector identifies a change in the criteria by a variety of methods, such as: Interface G: The Access Medium Detector 60 may indicate the detection result to the Selector A network supporting cdma protocols is provided as an example in the following discussion. In the context of the present AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Serial 3 AUX, provisioning refers to the communication of WLAN parameters and configuration information to the MS necessary for establishment of communication with the WLAN.

A conventional provisioning method manually configures the MS with the necessary information e. Another alternative is to automatically provision the MS with the WLAN information advertised via 1x signaling messages discussed hereinbelow. The latter alternative is more dynamic than OTAP.

The user 52 may enable or disable WLAN scan, however, the process may not be user friendly, because of the manual operations required by the user. An automated operation may be preferred, which is transparent to the user. According to one embodiment, a scanning method transparent to the user 52 provides for the MS to scan periodically.

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Alternate embodiments may implement other cellular systems. The WLAN provisioning information may be included within existing overhead messages. The cell includes sector Asector Band sector C The broadcast signaling messages may be triggered by cellular system provisioning, i.

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Alternately, the WLAN provisioning information may be transmitted via signaling messages, wherein the signaling messages are triggered on receipt of at least one registration message, and wherein the registration message indicates an MS with WLAN capability. Such WLAN capability indication may be a 1-bit flag in a registration message.

Note that one benefit of registration triggered signaling is that the BTS may avoid broadcasting unnecessary WLAN provisioning information. AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Serial 3 (AUX) drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help. AnyDATA CDMA HSU Serial 3 (AUX) · AnyDATA AnyDATA CDMA USB Serial 3 (AUX) · AnyDATA AnyDATA WCDMA HSU Serial 1 (DIAG) · AnyDATA.

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