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Dvico TVIX M-6500A Digital HD Media Streamer

Features The main claim of the M is its ability to play a full range of video files, including Matroska. This means that if you can find it on the Internet, the M will be Dvico TVIX HD M-6500A Media Player to play it with minimal fuss. You can find all the compatible codecs on the TViX Web site.

Unlike the Popcorn Hour, the M doesn't have any online capabilities: This will either be a deal breaker for you or not worry you in the least. Generally speaking, the online abilities of all these things -- including Apple TV -- is so ropey they aren't worth Dvico TVIX HD M-6500A Media Player with. Getting files on to the device can be achieved in a number of ways.

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IFO formats, allowing access to the original menus and special features. I slotted a GB into this Dvico TVIX HD M-6500A Media Player sample, which is more than enough to create a comprehensive jukebox. Networking abilities The unit itself is small and dumpy, with a large display and jog-wheel-style control. There's also an Ethernet jack, two USB 2.

It's also possible to access material on USB sticks. SMB shares are very easy to create and require no special software — they are the default network type for windows based PCs.

Vista requires some more tweaking, which is explained in depth in the user manual and worked flawlessly for me. It is not as fast as a proper NAS, but does reach Mbps. The gigabit network capabilities in the unit are not very useful. Network speed is capped right now by the unit itself and not really by the speed of the network.


I have found FTP to be limited as well, as it only provides one connection at a time use Filezilla as most other applications default to several connections, which can cause problems with the unit. Boot time has been dramatically increased from the This is reminiscent of Blu-ray player boot times and was clocked at about 50 seconds from the time the unit starts up until you can play back a movie. The new HDMI 1. Feature wise, quite a lot has been added. Not only is everything faster and more stabile, I often find features that were undocumented. For example, should you select a JPEG file in a directory that also has some music, the unit will start a slideshow using the first available audio track in that directory. What this really means is that you Dvico TVIX HD M-6500A Media Player have to select a file and play it back.

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No need for configurations or complex HTPC settings — this unit plays virtually anything. On the audio front, not much has changed from previous generation units.


Live radio is supported through shoutcast and even at Kbps it sounds way better than most FM radio stations in my home town. The unit shows you how much time you have been playing the audio, the artist and current song name although the number of characters is strangely limitedwhile the VFD shows you play time only. After a while, the unit will drop to screen saver mode, which is quite helpful when playing Dvico TVIX HD M-6500A Media Player while the display is still on. Playback is virtually flawless on almost all the content I have tried.

Product Description: The TViX HD MA Network Media Player based on Sigma Designs SMP video processor features HDMI video output, SATA Drive. DVICO TVIX-HD MA Network Media Player review and commentary - An overview of the tivx media player and how it operates as an alternate or.

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