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PowerTune This state of the art power management technology provides direct control over GPU power usage. Applications enjoy ultimate performance with dynamic clock optimization, while minimizing workstation energy usage. Quad HD display support 4K Support 4K xpixel support for ultra-high-resolution display devices and advanced configurations through DisplayPort 1.

Projector Overlap Support Easily refine display alignment settings when configuring multiple, high resolution display devices or projectors. Bezel Compensation Stretch display resolutions to prevent bezel interference and image distortion when displaying a single large image across multiple displays.

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However, even here, the full OpenGL performance and feature set of these cards beats their consumer brethren manifold: As you can see here, the K, even though spec-wise closer to K than to K, is much nearer to Quadro K in performance. I feel Nvidia should retire the K, or at least massively reduce its price vs K, since it makes little sense to consider it otherwise.

But it also means that the K delivers a much better level of performance for essentially the same money that they charge for the K The K is proving to be a very good budget card for professional applications and that Maxwell is a massive AMD FirePro W8100 Graphic Adapter over Kepler. In the case of AutoCAD, the 3-D polygonal performance for wireframe and shaded models is far more important than complex textures and effects, which are still relatively rarely used in this software for interactive visualization.

This means that even a low to mid range card, like Quadro K, has sufficient performance for most CAD jobs. I tested both K and K on my AutoCAD Kuala Lumpur model, with plenty of buildings but pure polygonal definition, and there was zero difference in responsiveness, both handling any 3D visualization operation in real time. Worse, since DirectX is these days — like it or not — supported by many of these apps as well, this changes the equation, as consumer GPUs will run it just as well as the professional ones, at small fraction of the price.

AutoCAD was, in fact, one of the first to accommodate that and, coupled with its relatively low AMD FirePro W8100 Graphic Adapter, it affects the justification for premium priced professional cards substantially.

Firepro Graphics Cards

AMD FirePro W8100 Graphic Adapter On the other hand, many other apps and usage models do value the added benefits of OpenGL — especially those that run under Linux for performance, reliability and multi-core scaling reasons. Multi-GPU Support Combine up to four AMD FirePro W workstation graphics cards in a single desktop system and leverage the combined processing power for personal supercomputing or to work with multiple 4K video streams in real time, layer in effects, make color corrections and edits on the fly.

With a bit memory interface and GBps of memory bandwidth, users can edit 4K video, layer in multiple effects and color correct on the fly, or load massive assemblies and data sets and manipulate them in real time. No information is available for this page.


FirePro™ W GPU Specifications. GPU Architecture.

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Graphics Core Next (GCN) 2nd Gen. Lithography. 28nm. Stream Processors. Peak Single.

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