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Express / User Manual ADTRAN Support Community

Bridging provides a point-to-point connection between two LANs. The bridge learning function scans the source and destination media access control MAC addresses of all packets on its local LAN and determines which packets should be transmitted over the ISDN link. ADTRAN Express 41104120 include connectivity between single user or small offices to corporate LANs.


Static routes may also be entered into the routing table. Watch dog serialization filtering and spoofing can permit the ISDN to be idle during no application traffic periods. Single networks can connect to the Internet with this function.

Popular Internet applications are supported. Its features can be easily configured and used once several basic concepts are understood. An IP address of Dynamic Bandwidth Management features are disabled. The destination is dialed by setting up a Connection List profile and choosing Dial on the Dial menu. Since other bandwidth management features are disabled in the factory default configuration, the dialed links remain active until the Hang-up command is entered from the Dial menu, terminating the ADTRAN Express 41104120 with the selected remote network.

The Connection List described in the next section may be used to automate dialing and to store additional information specific to the remote site being dialed phone numbers, number of B-channels to dial, authentication information, Caller ID, etc. In addition, to reduce line charges, Demand Dialing may be enabled to allow idle links to disconnect when not being used.

ADTRAN Express 4120, Express 4110 User Manual

Setting this parameter to a non-zero value allows a bridge connection to disconnect after the specified number of seconds with no traffic crossing the ISDN link. If a packet can pass through ADTRAN Express 41104120 filter, then the numbers for that profile are dialed.

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The bridged connection is terminated when the Hang-up option is selected from the Dial menu, but will redial if the demand filter condition is met. If a default gateway is specified on the network of the Ethernet interface, the unit attempts to reach the gateway through that interface. If the gateway is specified on an unknown network, the unknown network is assigned ADTRAN Express 41104120 the router table and remains unused until that gateway becomes the peer on a WAN connection. If no default gateway is specified, the first connected peer on the WAN interface becomes the default gateway recommended for remote applications when there are no other routers on the remote LAN.

These routes are ADTRAN Express 41104120 to as spoofed routes.

ADTRAN Express 41104120 by any computer connected to the LAN interface to access a host on a spoofed network causes a connection to be attempted using the information from that Connection List profile. Once connected, routes advertised by the peer router are learned and advertised to the local LAN. These routes are referred to as retained ADTRAN Express 41104120. Attempts by any connected computer to access a host on any of the retained routes causes the link to be redialed.

If Hang Up is activated from ADTRAN Express 41104120 Dial menu when the link is down, the retained routes are removed. Each B-channel is dialed to a different location. Connection List - Simplifying and Enhancing the Dial Function The Connection List, which is accessed from the Configuration menu, provides a location to define information regarding 15 individual destinations that may be dialed.

Adtran Express Series

A Connection List entry is required for each destination since authentication information method, username, passwordnumber of B-channels, telephone numbers, Caller ID, IP, or IPX address for routed connectionsand other information can be stored for each destination defined. Defined destinations may be dialed by ADTRAN Express 41104120 the Dial activator in the Dial menu or by demand for the desired Connection List profile.

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This allows a network of computers to benefit from Ethernet to ISDN speeds while still appearing to the Internet Service Provider or central site router as a single IP ADTRAN Express 41104120, which is typical of PC based serial dial-up solutions. Front Panel Figure on page shows the front panel of the Express Figure on page shows the front panel of the Express Express Figure Flashes yellow when receiving data from the 10BaseT connector. Illuminates when there is a good connection between the Express and a NIC card. After the link is active, 1 flashes green when a call on POTS line 1 is in progress; solid green when a call is connected. Flashes green when transmitting data onto the 10BaseT connector. Switch 1 must be in the down or ON postition in order to boot up normally. Switch 2 in the up or OFF position will force the entire configuration to be factory defaulted.


ISDN basic rate service divides a standard ADTRAN Express 41104120 line into three digital channels capable of simultaneous voice and data transmission. Express / User Manual. Version 1.


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