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Portable speakers are often easy to skip when packing out gear, even if there are times when you know they might be useful. Though neither Sleep-and-Charge nor Sleep-and-Music are mind-blowing features, they both exemplify the kind of thought that Toshiba has put into the overall package. Though a far cry from a real audio system, they Toshiba Satellite A660 nVidia Sound able to provide more meat on the low end, avoiding that distant tinny sound one expects from a portable computer.

The sound quality through the headphone jack was equally impressive when listened to through my SteelSeries Siberia headset, though I preferred the USB soundcard connection over a straight up headphone jack. The screen is a real treat too. Viewing angles were also much higher than average, and because the screen is operating at Hz to accommodate 3D, it just felt more fluid. To test battery life, I use a p video running in a loop, always with WiFi on and always at full brightness. This is a pretty stressful test on a Toshiba Satellite A660 nVidia Sound, and from my experience represents about half of what you can expect in general usage.

Download Toshiba Satellite A nVidia Sound Driver for Windows 7 64 bit

This means you can probably expect close to 5 hours of real world usage. What about that 3D? Before trying the A, I thought I was pretty much over 3D. When it comes to movies, I would rather watch them in 2D unless the film is lurid and throws every cheesy 3D trick in the book at the screen. Yeah, so I loved Piranha Toshiba Satellite A660 nVidia Sound. The biggest problem with 3D for me is the sense of scale. On an HDTV at home, standard viewing distance means the frame is well within the peripheral vision. As 3D elements hit the edge of the screen, the sense of scale is lost and creates a diorama effect, giving the impression that everything is unfolding in miniature scale.

Unless you sit much closer to the screen than the generally recommended 2. When 3D gaming on a laptop, none of this matters. When I took a few of my favourite games for a spin, I was impressed. The qualitative experience is what really counts here though, and I loved every minute of it, as I became Toshiba Satellite A660 nVidia Sound immersed in my surroundings with the 3D glasses on. The machine itself performed beautifully, and you hardly need the excuse of a cool set of 3D glasses to justify buying a damn fine gaming laptop from Toshiba.

TOSHIBA Need sound and webcam drivers for Satellite A - TOSHIBA FORUM

The number block over the optical drive yields obviously under slight pressure and pushes on the DVD tray beneath it. Otherwise, the workmanship makes the impression of an average quality case due to even gaps. The expression "plastic box" meets our impression quite laconically.

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The lid makes an overall very stiff impression and can only be twisted by a few degrees with both hands. The surface can't avert a slight denting against medium pressure, though. The Toshiba Satellite A660 nVidia Sound have a firm grip on the heavy lid, but they tend to teeter slightly. Although the lid has a tight fit, the user only needs one hand to open it.

The reason for this is the case's high counterweight. The hinges sit exceptionally tight in their latch. The silver cap over the hinges is plastic and doesn't have a relevant function. Unfortunately, the hinges don't have a clear stop at the maximum opening angle about 45 degrees and teeter extremely there.


The maximum opening angle is sufficient for a use on the lap. The base plate is made of simple plastic and can only be dent in the area of the big vent. Both openings on the bottom bid the option of exchanging hard disk and RAM.

Verde 280.26 Driver

However, the user can't access Toshiba Satellite A660 nVidia Sound WLAN module, also inserted, as easily. The entire base plate has to be removed for this. Connectivity ExpressCard34 is onboard Toshiba equips its 16 incher with the most important connections. The available place on the right and left is used, but FireWire or a DisplayPort, which would certainly also have had room, have been left out in favor of a very wide air outlet. Connections on the rear would have provided for more order on the desk. There aren't any ports because the battery and the low mounted display hinges prevent it. Righties and lefties are disadvantaged in this case.

Free Download Toshiba Satellite A nVidia Sound Driver for Windows 7 x64 (Sound Card). Toshiba Forum - Need sound and webcam drivers for Satellite One is from nVidia v Toshiba Satellite A660 nVidia Sound the other is from Realtek v TOSHIBA Questions about installation from scratch.


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