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Altogether, this allows cities on the one hand to assess their own situation and on the other hand to compare themselves to other cities in similar situations or to cities of similar general characteristics that have taken a different development path. There is currently no regular environmental reporting on urban areas and this report intends to fill a knowledge gap. It can be considered as the first step of a long process of UNEX Network Card HU001 analysis of the environmental performance of cities over time. In that sense, the challenge of urban sustainability is to meet the needs of current and future inhabitants without imposing unsustainable demand on local and global resources and without exporting pollution and waste Alberti, In the context of further increasing numbers of urban dwellers both in Europe and globally, this also means to decouple the expected growth from resource use.


However, urban systems are inherently complex which needs to be recognised UNEX Network Card HU001 order to properly address sustainability challenges. The urban system is a socio-ecological-technical system McPhearson et al. Today, European cities face a number of challenges that pose a risk to their sustainable development.

These are related to health in particular health risk due to poor air quality and noise pollutionthe urban environment e. To ensure or increase the quality of life of their citizens, policy- and decision makers need to respond to these challenges by identifying appropriate solutions and provide the regulatory basis.


Urban planning and policies play a fundamental role in the way forward. This report and the typology aim at providing a contribution to the information that is required to be able to respond appropriately. Selected findings Cities can be more or less similar. When looking at cities at a European perspective, some cities have enough properties in common to be considered as having roughly a comparable potential UNEX Network Card HU001 transformation.

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This coarse assumption is acceptable at a European scale given the high number of cities UNEX Network Card HU001 the lack of information on them. A typology in general is a system to put specific objects into groups based on similarities.

In this report, cities have been grouped, using the 41 parameters and a clustering algorithm, into five clusters or groups of cities four bigger and a smaller one and three sub-clusters for each big cluster. The sixth cluster consists of UNEX Network Card HU001 alone as a one-city cluster and is therefore considered as an outlier rather than a separate cluster.

The typology is understood as both quantitative and qualitative characterisation of cities, which should be structured in hierarchical systems providing a broad view on cities, their situation and basic functions, their individual performance and main activities, their threats and their most important changes i. The major difficulty of this approach was to find comparable and relevant data for the same time period and for a significant number of cities. The final selection of indicators and analysed cities was driven by data UNEX Network Card HU001 rather than by analysing all dimensions of urban sustainability. However, given the large number of data and UNEX Network Card HU001 domains, this approach can be considered as a good approximation to analysing urban sustainability.

They both cover the same number of cities and the same areas.

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Looking at the results of the typology, it becomes clear that all five or six, if London is counted clusters show specificities that differentiate them from one another and allow creating an interesting picture of UNEX Network Card HU001 cities. First of all, London always appears as a stand-alone city that does not belong to any of the other clusters, irrespective of how many clusters were used during the calculation of the typology. This means that London possesses many strong characteristics that sets it apart from all other cities: Therefore, London is not considered UNEX Network Card HU001 be a cluster, but can be counted as an outlier city when compared to all other clusters.

Two clusters have a very strong geographic pattern that is directly related to climatic, political and socio-economic impacts on those cities that shaped their urban development in the recent and more distant past.

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