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Hold a component such as a processor by its edges, not by its pins. When you disconnect a cable, pull on its connector or on its pull-tab, not on the cable itself. Some cables have connectors with locking tabs; if you are disconnecting this type of cable, press in on the locking tabs before you disconnect the cable.


As you pull connectors apart, keep them evenly aligned to avoid bending any connector pins. Also, before you connect a cable, ensure that both connectors are correctly oriented and aligned.

Disconnect all telephone or network cables from the computer. Disconnect your computer and all attached devices from their electrical outlets.

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Press the power button to ground the system board. Open the computer cover. Before touching anything inside your computer, ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface, such as the metal at the back of the Dell Inspiron 531 NVIDIA LAN. While you work, periodically touch an unpainted metal surface to dissipate static electricity, which could harm internal components. Removing the Computer Cover 1.


Lay your computer on its side with the computer cover facing up. Remove the two screws securing the cover, using a flat-blade screwdriver. Release the computer cover by pulling it away from the front of the computer and lifting it up. Set the cover aside in a secure location. Removing the Support Bracket 1.

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Release the card retention bracket by lifting the card retention release lever up. Remove any cable s attached to the support bracket.

Pivot the support bracket and lift it off the hinge tabs. Set it aside in a secure location. Remove the filler panel. Place the card in the connector and press down firmly. Dell Inspiron 531 NVIDIA LAN that the card is fully seated in the slot. If you are installing the PCI Express card into the x16 card connector, position the card so the securing slot is aligned with the securing tab. KathaMeetha How do I uninstall those drivers" indicates that your computer has basic Internet connectivity.

NAT maps these private addresses on the inside network to a public IP address on the outside network so that computers behind the Internet router can communicate with the rest of the Internet. Success of this test means that your Internet router or firewall acts similar to a cone NAT.


Traffic Congestion Test Internet routers sometimes lose information that is being transferred across the Internet when they experience congestion full router queues. This loss of information is known as packet loss. Explicit Congestion Notification ECN is a mechanism that provides routers with an alternate method of communicating network congestion.

This notification effectively reduces TCP retransmissions and increases throughput. If both downloads succeed, the test passes, which indicates that your Internet router successfully allows packets through with ECN options set.

A result of "Supported" indicates that your router can work with this new Vista Feature to improve download speeds and increase endpoint connection reliability. Some Internet routers cause TCP data transfers that use window scaling to fail, particularly when there's a mismatch between the Dell Inspiron 531 NVIDIA LAN chosen by two Dell Inspiron 531 NVIDIA LAN transferring the data. This test downloads a series of Web documents of increasing length until either an incomplete download is encountered or all downloads succeed. Success indicates that your router allows Windows Vista to negotiate the best data transfer rate and help improve download speeds. UPnP Support Test Many applications need to open ports allow incoming traffic through an Internet router, particularly when both communicating endpoints are behind different NATs.

This test ensures that the router has UPnP enabled, can support a reasonable number of open ports, and can maintain these settings.

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Get drivers and downloads for your Dell Inspiron s. Dell Inspiron 531 NVIDIA LAN and install the latest drivers, firmware and software. I have recently inherited an old Dell Inspiron from a friend of mine. It doesn't appear in the list of devices and the network screen in the control panel is just. nVidia nForce Networking Controller:

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