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Server communication and image data transmission occurs over this connection. Also receives power when it is connected to a network that provides Power over Ethernet.

12L-H4PRO-B, 12 Megapixel HD Pro with LightCatcher Technology - Elektronix AS

For more information, see LED Indicators on page 11 7. Serial Number Tag Product serial number and part number label. Avigilon cameras require high-quality lenses to take full advantage of their advanced imaging capabilities. To avoid poor image quality caused by incorrect lens selection, only use lenses that Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B IP Camera recommended by Avigilon for use with this camera model.


For a list of lenses recommended for use with this camera model, contact your Avigilon dealer or representative. If the lens includes a collar, Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B IP Camera collar must be used to prevent damage to the lens mount on the camera. To mount a Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B IP Camera to the camera, complete the following steps: If the lens includes a collar, install the collar to the lens first. Remove the dust cap from the lens mount. Align the lens to the appropriate index marker on the lens mount.

Avigilon - 12L-H4PRO-B

EF mount index o White mark: EF-S mount index 4. Turn the lens clockwise until it locks into place.

To detach a lens, complete the following steps: While pressing the lens release button, turn the lens counterclockwise until it stops. Remove the lens from the camera.

Immediately mount another lens or a dust cap on the lens mount to prevent contamination. Only clean the image sensor with the recommended cleaning tools. Mounting the Camera 1. Consult the installation instructions provided with the bracket, tripod or enclosure for detailed mounting instructions.

Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B 12Mp H4 HD Pro LightCatcher Camera with Analytics

Mounting the Lens 5 Connecting Cables Refer to the diagrams in the Overview section Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B IP Camera the location of the different connectors. To connect the cables required for proper operation, complete the following: If external input or output devices are part of the installation for example: If an external microphone or speaker is required, connect the devices to the audio connector.


Connect power using one of the following methods: Connect a network cable to the Ethernet Port RJ connector. The Link LED will turn on once a network link has been established. For more information, see LED Indicators on page When set using Zeroconf, the IP address is in the The IP address settings can be changed using one of the following methods: The default camera username is admin and the default password is admin. Accessing the Live Video Stream Live video stream can be viewed using one of the Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B IP Camera methods: The default camera username is admin and the default camera password is admin.

Consult the software user guide for more information. If available, adjust the zoom using the appropriate ring on the lens. In the Image and Display settings page, use the Auto Focus button to focus the lens. If the desired Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B IP Camera position was not achieved, use the focus near and far buttons to adjust the focus. The K (12 MP) H4 Pro camera provides the coverage area of 39 VGA resolution cameras and keeps bandwidth and storage consumption low through. Get in-depth information on Avigilon 12L-H4PRO-B IP camera including detailed technical specifications.

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