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ASUS U43JC battery Then came nickel-metal hydride batteries, but this battery has a "memory effect", it is eliminated from the market gradually. Currently, the mainstream market, lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion battery, a small size, light weight, high capacity, low memory effect, charging time is short is, etc. The Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra batteries with high energy density, compact, ultra-thin, lightweight, low cost and high reliability and a number of obvious advantages, is a new battery. ASUS U52F battery Buy the configuration table in a notebook or laptop, the user will see or hear of a laptop with a multi-cell battery. So what is to be understood by this core?

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How to distinguish a cell at the end of some cell battery? Core refers to the batteries, lithium-ion battery, a shell, circuit boards and batteries, commonly referred to a few people-cell battery, means the number of batteries in the battery. ASUS U53 battery Furthermore, as for the determination of a notebook battery is a few core, there are two possibilities: The first option is to pull the battery point of view the number of their contacts, multiple contacts in the ten-cell battery, but this method is precise rate is very low. The second method is more accurate to know is, the battery a few core, we need to understand two dates, the battery voltage, the other is the capacity of the battery.

Due to the limited battery capacity is mAh, so must be in parallel to achieve the two groups together mAh. Notebook standby time mainly due to the battery capacity, usually a couple of batteries, the greater capacity determined. So simple, the greater the number of cores, longer life, of course, the higher the price, but the stability to be less than the batteries are almost. Laptop battery is mainly measured by the number of charge cycles, typically to times, the most effective use of batteries in 2 years. Apple A battery The purchase of the notebook will not have the average home user to concentrate mainly on a few core, because the main budget, stable electricity supply, as for example 3-pole, 4-cell battery good enough. Acer Aspire ZG battery And reasonable business people would choose a notebook battery, and if life is not critical to 6-cell or 8-cell battery, select high stability and distribution of life and portability are more reasonable.

If the conditions for a long life, then we would hold the 9-pin or cell battery, but the notebook would be more weight is not easy to carry, and the stability is somewhat lower. Secondly, the laptop battery tips Acer Aspire ZG-PG50Mn battery Meaningful use of laptop battery Battery life is extended an effective means Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra maintaining the battery. Many users of notebook batteries for a long time, the dots can be fully satisfied, reduced ages and so on. Therefore should be considered when using the laptop battery to avoid some of the tips, and some errors.


Next, the author describes some of the laptop-battery capabilities and attention. So in short, it makes the majority of users access to a misunderstanding.


In fact, the laptop computer is to activate at the factory before the battery, to prevent wear of the battery power, only a Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra amount of residual current. Acer Aspire G battery So get a notebook user is already activated off, and then told to do by the dealer, the completion of Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra laptop battery is fully charged it will automatically stop working, not only is not necessary to keep the loading time of 12 hours and This is an increase of cell loss. To completely run out of battery in the power, you have a laptop with CPU-intensive tasks, such as how to play some great 3D games or watching HD video, so you can quickly run out of battery power, of course, make these operations do not forget that purpose and need for the power cord.

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Acer Aspire ZG battery Of course, all of the battery before each charge and discharge is not necessary, but also harmful. And even when the battery is recharged, take the loss not be long without causing Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra battery than the loss of a large number. Also, if a user operation when the notebook power failure, not only on the laptop, there are injuries, but data loss is irreparable consequences. Acer Aspire ASC52G25Mikk battery 4learn to use power management Windows power management built into the system, set the user according to different needs of different power plan that saves on the notebook, which reduces wear on the battery.

In addition to the built-in Windows power management functions, some notebook also comes with power management software such as Lenovo Notebookefficient use of this software, better able to charge and discharge laptop, notebook battery life to increase. Large power consumption, because some devices, such as connecting the USB interface, an external hard drive, external hard drives and other devices to reduce these devices much the battery life. Acer Aspire ASEG32Mikk battery 2temporarily disable the use of devices and interfaces In general, notebook computer equipment Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra some internal interfaces are not often used, when used with a battery-powered laptop, you can temporarily disable these devices and interfaces.

Must be deactivated in the "Device Manager", double-click the device, you can disable it. Acer Aspire ASC52G32Mnkk battery 3turn the screen saver Many people think that the screen saver may be the power consumption is large, in fact, some of the complex screen saver can have more energy than normal operation, it is recommended that when not in use turn off the screen saver function. Since the battery is completely drained, the notebook will not give any tips, forced shutdown. For example, the brightness dimmed, no laptop will not work automatically after 5 minutes in the resting state, and so on. Should pay, besides the use of the process of laptop battery some of the details and skills in everyday applications, their attention to the use of laptop battery environment that has an impact on battery performance and maintenance of the battery very important aspect.

Therefore, the high temperature is the decrease in battery capacity, battery life and lower life expectancy accelerated. Acer Aspire AS battery The loss of the large high-temperature state of the battery 2the Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra stability In the process of laptop battery, the voltage stability is also very important. Users should avoid the laptop power supply and equipment including air conditioning, TV, etc. If you pay attention to maintaining stable voltage The reason is simple, turn off high-power electrical devices on or off when the pressure is immediately formed and damage the battery, and a number of high-power outlet with the same short-circuit may also be problems, prone to risk.

This article, in total for this purpose: The picture is really crisp, clear and the colors are very vibrant. I spend a lot of.

When i bought my 22" assus pg i was having windows vista, and my cam is working perfect. But now i have windows 7 64 bit i cant install the drivers My System Specs System Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra. OS windows 7 64 bit. Monitor s Displays 22" Asus pgFree download, review of Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Driver (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.). One VGA port (reserve DVI-I for further upgrade). Free download, review of Asus F9F Notebook Touchpad Extra Driver (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.). Processor & Cache MemoryIntel Core2 Duo.

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