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The mode will be appear cyclically. The main picture the large picture and sub-picture the small picture are switched.

Press the SWAP button again to Daewoo KR29FL9P again. The display position of the sub-picture will changed in order PIP mode.

Press the AV Daewoo KR29FL9P on the remote control or on the front of the set and select AV2. You can use other equipment with TV signal.


Introduction Othello is a two player strategy game. Othello is player on an 8 x 8 square board, one taking yellow while the other taking green. The object of Othello Daewoo KR29FL9P to flip as many of your opponents discs to your color as possible without opponent flipping your discs. The Rules The initial configuration, before the game starts, is: Green starts playing first.

Tyan Thunder n3600B (S2927-E)Daewoo Kr29fl9p Driver Details:
Acer Veriton X2110 NVIDIA ChipsetDaewoo Kr29fl9p Download Stats:

Each player puts one disc on the board at each turn, unless: The Daewoo KR29FL9P ends when no plaer can move, and the one Daewoo KR29FL9P has the most discs of his own colors has won. Now how to put a disc on the board?


The idea is one can put a disc of his own color at a square, if and only if there is at least one disc of the opposite color Daewoo KR29FL9P surrounding it, and at the extension of this line there is a disc of his own color. For example, at the beginning of the game, green can play at the following squares marked with an X: How to Play 1.

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Select Opponent This option allow you to choice opponent. If you choose Man vs Man, game start directly. Move to your Daewoo KR29FL9P Select your opponent: You can select Easy, Medium or Hard. Select level of the TV: The player1 plays first. Daewoo KR29FL9P

Move to your disc: Place your disc: Restart game: Press the MENU button. Quit game: End Daewoo KR29FL9P Move OK: Easy 2. Daewoo KR29FL9P Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Daewoo KR29FL9P Instruction Manual.

Daewoo KR29FL2P Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Daewoo KR29FL2P Instruction Manual.

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