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Received confirmation about how HP configures its computers.


Added an explanation to how the problem occurs. Updated Again on May Not sure why I didn't think of this until now, but I wrote a small tool that will detect the IntelPPM problem and mitigate it before installing the service pack. Added a note on how to properly download the tool using Safari. SVEN Touchpad 8800 Keyboard information on conflicts with anti-malware software, including Symantec's suites.

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The short version is: Added information on a conflict with certain wireless cards. Before SVEN Touchpad 8800 Keyboard read on, read this! There are several issues that can cause a Windows XP computer to not reboot properly after installing Service Pack 3.


There is often no need to do anything that drastic. First read this post, and SVEN Touchpad 8800 Keyboard if anything here helps you. If you have not yet installed SP3, make sure you disable, or better yet, remove, any anti-malware suite before doing so. If you do not, it is possible that you will get various kinds of corruption during the installation. Free SP3 Support from Microsoft EmilySc, a Microsoft employee, posted in the newsgroups yesterday that there is now free installation and troubleshooting support for SP3.


This may be a real help to those who need interactive help solving the problem. In North America, free SVEN Touchpad 8800 Keyboard support is available by calling This morning, I came down and was greeted with incessant reboots. The computer booted, apologized for not being able to boot properly, asked if I wanted to boot into safe mode, defaulted to normal boot, rebooted, and so on and so on.

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The problem is that with some configurations, SP3 causes the computer to crash during boot, and Windows XP, by default, is set up to automatically reboot when it crashes. That is why you end up in the endless rebooting scenario.

There are many possible reasons why a computer may crash at boot time. SP3 seems to introduce two that are related to AMD-based computers, and, possibly, one or two more that appear to affect Intel-based computers.

Which one it is impacts which work-around you use. At this point, the information is still trickling in. If you have a crash on boot problem that does not match what I describe below, and it happened as soon as you SVEN Touchpad 8800 Keyboard SP3, I'm sure others would like to know as well, including as much detail as you can give us.

SVEN Touchpad 8800 Keyboard this tool to mitigate the problem If you have an AMD-based computer, and all you want to do is prevent the problem before installing Service Pack 3, then try the new tool I just wrote. It will first check whether you have an AMD-based computer. If you do it will check whether the IntelPPM driver is set to SVEN Touchpad 8800 Keyboard. If it is it will offer you an option to disable it. The tool works by simply double-clicking it. If you need to check many computers on a network you can do that by running it from the command line, using this command: It will take an arbitrary number of computers.

The only caveat is that the tool will prompt you several times for each computer. If you really need a silent version, I can probably be persuaded to write one for you. Note that if you are downloading the tool on Safari there is a bug in how Safari handles these types of downloads. If you just click on the link Safari will save the tool with a. You can remove that extension and then double-click the tool to run it. If you right-click the link and select "Download link as You would need to rename it to something with a.

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