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By either plugging the camera into an available USB port on your computer or by using a compatible 5 volt 1 amp USB power adapter wall charger. The first initial charge will take approximately 3 hours to complete.


The charging status is indicated by the LED status light shown below. Once fully charged the Red LED will turn off. Your camera is now ready to use. If your experiencing intermittent camera freeze-ups or glitchy video recordings, the memory card your using is to slow.

Either replace the card with a faster speed or lower the cameras recording resolution. SJCAM M10 WiFi Action Camera inserting the memory card, do not force or jam the card in. If the card is going in crooked or with friction then try inserting the other way around. With the camera powered on; a single press to toggle between video mode, photo mode, preview mode and the camera menu. Used to confirm selections while in the preview mode and camera settings menu.

Note that the zoom is electronic, not optical. It operates by enlarging and cropping a recording or photo, not by adjusting lenses.

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Make sure you've installed an adequately charged battery and a memory card with sufficient remaining memory, before placing the camera in the waterproof housing. Action in motion The M10 lets you capture video in high resolution p at 30 fps frames per secondby default.

Other available video resolutions include x at 60fps, x at 30fps and x at 60fps. With SJCAM M10, you will be able to produce a time lapse video, without using a separate, third party device or software. It is indicated by the camcorder symbol in the upper left corner of the status screen. The camcorder symbol on the status screen will disappear.

SJCAM M10 Sports & Action Camera

Pressing the Mode button while recording,will protect a video from accidental deletion. A key icon will appear on the display. If your memory card is out of available space,or the battery is depleted,the camera will automatically stop recording. Freeze the action With the M10 you will be able to capture high resolution 12MP images SJCAM M10 WiFi Action Camera superb quality and vivid colors. Turn on the camera and select the Photo Shooting mode. This mode is indicated by the camera symbol in the upper left corner of the status screen. This mode is great for capturing moving targets, like sport figures, animals, speeding objects etc. If your memory card is out of available space, or the battery is depleted, the camera will prompt you that you will not be able to capture any images.

Replay the action There are several ways to review what you have captured, once you are done SJCAM M10 WiFi Action Camera. You can connect the camera to a computer to transfer or playback the captured content. Also you can use the official mobile app available on Android and iOS to control your camera or playback the recorded content. In the end, you can remove the microSD card and use a card reader to transfer or playback the recorded content on it. The captured content is in industry standard. A thumbnail of each video and photo will appear. SJCAM M10 WiFi Main Features: Mini appearance exciting colors available.

SJCAM M10 WIFI Action Camera - India Unboxing & Handson

New Design Beautiful UI. NTK + AR DSP better image quality than Hero. Take a look at the most in-depth SJCAM M10 action cam review on However, besides the built in WiFi difference, manufacturer decided to.

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