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These factors can be the difference between a strong, stable wireless connection and a weak and tenuous one or perhaps not getting a connection at all.


To get the best results from a USB WLAN adapter, it's crucial to have open space, the proper antenna orientation, and as much altitude as possible. To maximize all three, the best approach is to use a USB adapter that's designed to sit atop on a desk and connect to the system with a cable.

Download VIA USB Wireless LAN Adapter Driver for Windows XP

These kinds of adapters often have one or two adjustable mast antennas that allow you to fine-tune their orientation for the best reception just like you once did with the rabbit ears on top of your television. Windows OSes usually apply a generic driver that allows systems to recognize the wireless component. However, in order to use all available features of this hardware, you VIA USB Wireless LAN Adapter install the appropriate drivers. Enabling the wireless card allows systems to VIA USB Wireless LAN Adapter chipset information and manufacturer name, as well as connect to a network without using an Ethernet cable. Even though the antennas are more powerful, putting metal in between them and the source of your Wi-Fi signal can degrade performance.

Well, you might need to download some drivers and things first, but you get the idea. Three different methods can solve the majority of dongle problems: USB extenders, changing router channels, and dual-band routers. Some USB adapters do come with a single external antenna, like the Anewkodi model pictured below. Others have remotely wired antennas that allow you to move the antenna to an idea spot for Wi-Fi reception.

That said, some people do find that they get very good speeds with USB wireless adapters. There are many companies that manufacture them, so the VIA USB Wireless LAN Adapter may vary dramatically from store to store. Additionally, computer users can turn to the Internet. Online marketplaces like eBay offer a wide selection and in many styles so users are sure to find what they're looking for online. Belkin is a commonly used USB Wi-Fi adapter, and it is available in a mini size or a larger, more robust version.

5 Benefits of Using a USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Although prices vary from model to model, they are all fairly inexpensive, and users should consider the features before making a decision. Buyers who use both Mac and VIA USB Wireless LAN Adapter computers should look for models that offer drivers for both operating systems. If possible, computer users should purchase models that support faster wireless connections, such as It provides data transfer rates 10 times that of Although faster adapters are usually more expensive, the speed may appeal to some users.

Moreover, there are a few additional factors to consider, including security, manufacturer customer support, and the warranty period. Although not of the utmost importance to most computer users, these factors could help users decide between comparable models.


Finally, USB Wi-Fi adapter users may want to consider purchasing a USB extension cable for use with the wireless adapter, especially if the VIA USB Wireless LAN Adapter port is at the back of a computer as this could affect the Wi-Fi antenna's ability to pick up the wireless signal. Some models include an extension cable, but purchasing the latter is simple and easy, so this should not be the only deciding factor. Sart at the search bar at the top of any page and enter the terms you'd like to search, such as "Wi-Fi Adapter" or "USB wireless adapter. These modifiers include brand, condition, price, location, and more.

Make sure to check out the item description and the seller's feedback.


wireless USB LAN adapter. A high-speed wireless network card that is used to access a network through a USB port on a computer or laptop. Most wireless USB LAN adapters look like small USB flash drives and usually are based on the g standard which provides a data rate up to Mbps in a wireless LAN environment.

This package supports the following driver models:VIA Networking Technologies USB Wireless LAN Adapter.

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