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The WaveAce scopes come with neat functions that are usually in the domain of upper intermediate level scopes. One of those great features is a mask testing feature. A mask of a signal with acceptable tolerance can be loaded into the scope.

The scope then compares the input signal with the mask and indicates whether or not the signal is within the mask or not. That way, the WaveAce scope can easily be used in automated testing quality control set-ups. Connectors on the back: The oscilloscope has an extra menu dedicated to creating a mask.

Mask can conveniently be Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope up using the mask generation tools of the scope itself. No external software is needed. Another great feature that comes in handy Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope the zoom function. A common problem with a regular oscilloscope is that one can either set the time base to get a good overview of the whole signal or one can zoom into the signal but usually not both at the same time. LeCroy thought about this problem and implemented a zoom function that enables one to zoom into a section of the signal using a split screen feature without losing the original view of the signal.


Sounds confusing? Take a look: Random noise from a noise source.

Full captured signal, Bottom: A mixed domain view allows the signal to be viewed in the time domain top and in the frequency domain bottom at the same time. A bunch of noise from a noise generator. View in the time domain, Bottom: Simultaneous view in the frequency domain All screenshots I am using in this review have been generated by the scope itself, by the way. No set-up, nothing. The pictures generated are Bitmaps with by pixels. Ever seen a heartbeat on a oscilloscope? The above picture shows the Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope screen feature of the LeCroy WaveAce Full signal HeartbeatBottom: The manufacturers of low-cost devices are really stretching the bandwidth data. So how does the LeCroy measure up? I wanted to measure the rise time of a pulse generator with my demo scope and determined Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope approximate bandwidth by dividing 0.


It turns out that none of my signal generators are capable of putting out a signal with the needed rise time for 60 MHz 5. This was one of the WaveSurfer MXs models. I probed a signal coming from an FPGA only to have it display an almost flat trace. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that the sample memory was too shallow to allow any kind of decent measurement. I then finally managed to figure out where to set a larger sample memory and just as I was thinking how stupid it was that the sample memory wasn't at its maximum setting by default, I realized why that was not the case.

The scope became abysmally slow and only after a moment or two did the real waveform appear on Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope screen. The WaveSurfer M Xs has automatic sample memory management which is enabled by default and which always uses enough memory to run the acquisition at the highest possible sample rate, so no, the low sample memory setting is certainly not the default for these scopes. It requires manual user action to change the memory settings, which suggests that either you or someone else fiddled with the memory management settings, and I guess you probably also didn't bother to set the scope back to defaults before starting your measurements or someone has overwritten the default settings with their own.

LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) WaveAce used or new for sale at used-line

That is user error, not a scope problem. And I can tell you that these things not only happen with LeCroy scopes. It also happens because, while EE's generally know very well how to operate a standard scope, many EE's simply fail to recognize that operating a modern Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope end scope and its advanced capabilities requires that some time is spent learning how to operate the scope properly, but many EE's simply fail to do that. Your story above re.

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Again, why didn't you use Auto Setup? It would have corrected the issue immediately. Quote It's not that they don't work well when you eventually manage to set them up right, it just takes a whole lot of time and frustration to set up something incredibly simple. It just kills productivity and irritates you without a good reason. I have had the chance Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope play with many scopes over the years, but only LeCroys managed to piss me off every single time. I'm sorry but so far I haven't heard anything that really justifies a statement like this: Quote from: Dave on February 08, What you've described looks very much about user error, i.

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That's not meant as offense, and I've seen many EE's struggling with operating advanced high Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 2014 Oscilloscope scopes especially when they normally use simpler scopes only. Teledyne LeCroy, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized WaveAce and Teledyne LeCroy are registered trademarks of Teledyne LeCroy, Inc. Windows. necting a WaveAce oscilloscope to the same PC enables transferring real world. WaveAce.

Teledyne LeCroy WAVEACE 2014 Oscilloscope

WaveAce. WaveAce. WaveAce.

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