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Surprisingly, HP continues to push the Compaq brand quite heavily, and the Presario line of notebooks continues to maintain its strong presence in the consumer computing market.

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Some critics contend that HP is no longer known for its innovation and invention. Instead, HP seems to be in a position of playing catch-up and re-invention. Fortunately, the company remains a great source of technology and produces many quality computers.


The V is targeted at users who desire a small, lightweight, effective, low-cost notebook computer. HP is rather late in targeting this consumer segment. Other foremost computer manufacturers have already entered the market with small, portable, useful computers. Sony and Dell have also released their offerings Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B the niche market of light-weight notebooks. Many features and specifications are shared among both, and you may want to consider both models if you are interested in a new notebook.

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I hope this will help you understand the aspects that I value and what features I felt were of great importance. I recently started Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B fall semester of my graduate school program. I already own a few laptops, so I felt that I would just take one to classes and I could avoid the hassle of buying a new computer.

HP Compaq Presario Specs - CNET

Unfortunately, I soon realized that my big, clunky Dell Inspiron was not the best thing to toss into a book-bag. It really felt that I was lugging around a huge ten pound brick for no reason and Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B needed two bags; one for my books and one for my computer. Initially, I had bought my laptops because I liked sitting in front of the TV while browsing or bringing a computer along on a road trip.


I never had the need to walk around with the laptop while carrying a stack of schoolbooks. I started looking around for a new notebook that was very light, was able to run the Windows operating system, and was not too expensive. The basic tasks that I was looking to accomplish were word processing, some basic graphics tasks, and web-surfing. Gaming and heavy-duty number crunching were not high on my list of priorities. I was rather disappointed to Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B that the current batch of small notebooks and Tablet PCs were rather expensive. The content available about the DV made it sound like a portable entertainment device.

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When I investigated more, I found that that Compaq had just released the V This laptop seemed perfect. The weight was okay — but it was not the lightest notebook out there. At first, I was unsure about the size.

As long as I could throw the V into my bookbag, and as long as the v could run the apps that I wanted to run, this notebook would fit the bill. Best of all, the price was more appealing. I think this will help you to better understand my thoughts about performance Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B screen quality when I describe them in my review.

Intel R Extreme Graphics with productivity ports Memory: This excludes any rebate, student discount, or tax. This notebook is 4 inches taller and 2 inches wider than a college textbook. First Impressions I was greatly impressed by this notebook when I first took it out of the box and turned it on. The notebook looks great Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B has an interesting, but still attractive, color pattern. The lights and buttons are all well-placed and give the laptop a very nice appearance. Immediately, I could feel that this notebook was sturdier than my Dell Insprion I was very impressed by the screen. The display is very crisp, and has good visibility.

Colors look very nice and small text is easy to read. One interesting thing is that the screen does not dim if you unplug the V from the AC adapter. The keyboard felt very nice and offered very good feedback while typing. The touchpad worked great, Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B I liked its location.

When your fingers are set on the home-row keys, the touchpad is closer to the right hand than to the left. This lets my thumb slide down to it without my hands leaving the home-row. This will probably annoy left-handed users since this means that the touchpad is farther away from the left hand. Even when plugged in — the V never heats up too much where it is Compaq Presario 721AU Notebook LGDRN8080B to have on your lap. Additionally, the V does not need a loud fan to keep cool. Download Lord drivers in Compaq Presario EA Notebook LGDRNBCompaq Presario AU Notebook LGDRNB Firmware Compaq Presario AU Notebook LGDRNB Firmware - Fixes problem playing the DVD movie "Lord of the Rings." Compaq Presario US.

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